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I have a group of friends who are in a 50/50 split in regards to Facebook some use it some don’t.
There have been fall outs due to forgetting to “add” certain people etc etc…. Im think of either shutting mine down OR only having mine for very close friends…what do you do? do you use it? Do you think it’s a forum for potential trouble?

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As with any online thing, I guess it’s a waste of time (!) in that you can just sit there and goggle for hours rather than actually doing something in real life. That said, I use it for keeping in touch with friends who are far-flung, and for sharing photos with people to whom I’d otherwise end up sending identical emails! Guess what I’m saying is that it’s what you make of it, really; one thing I have learned is to keep it fairly locked down in terms of who I add and who I don’t; at one point I had a huge prune, which felt harsh, but was very necessary if I was to be able to be honest there at all…!


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Hello Earthenwitch, that’s exactly hat I’ve just done, I’ve deleted work people as I feel restricted (and slightly invaded) by them being on, deleted random friends or friends, sisters of so and so and all that managed to get 80+ down to 40 mostly family some friends smile

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

I love it. Having gone to Uni in Scotland, living in England and then now living in N.Ireland, I find it a perfect way of keeping in touch with friends… especially those not close enough for regular phone calls. I know everyone on my friends list and have my setting on private so only friends can see my profile!

As for everything tho, it’s not for everyone!

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I was just talking to someone today who tried to ‘close down’ their account but unless you physically write on paper to facebook they will only deactivate your account, it springs back to life if you ever log on to fb (this happened to me too).

Only about two weeks ago did I join properly after nagging from everyone I know smile

What I like is connecting with a particular group of women who I have known for over ten years who are food buffs like myself.  It is great to gave a space to talk about ideas and theories and research and day to day struggles with diet and food.

What I don’t like are the million ‘friend collectors’ that pop out of the wood work, it’s like I never knew them well (or liked them) 15 yrs ago, why do I want to catch up now?  Or pesky ex-boyfriends who keep on haranguing you smile  Plus yeah, it’s a time waster, like all else online (maybe even my being *here* right now.  My dh thinks it’s the worst thing ever, everyone spewing out thoughts best kept to oneself.  He can’t bear me talking about it!  It’s addictive tho, I see that.

crazy - love your quote btw smile

lmao yeah ok being online can be a waste of time too smile I had this discussion today smile. I hate that random people who I never liked send me friend requests, I mean you didn’t like me then why harass me now? Oh wait because you want to be nosey?? Anyway I’ve changed my profile picture to the same sunflower as on here and I intend to keep it the same, if anyone asks my account it only open to family for pictures viewing smile Saves the hassle!

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

Thankyou mamauk, my profile name always makes me chuckle though as I either get called “Crazy” or “moo” or “cow” sums me up nicely wink

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

Mamauk, no you don’t have to write to facebook, you acn completely deactivate it just rrquires a bit of digging through the account to find the correct bit that deletes your profile rather than just deactivating, although they wait 14 days before finally deleting.  I deleted my account a while back cos I spending far too long on there - but it is handy for keeping in touch with family abroad and sharing photos =- altough I don’t often share photos after i discovered that FB claims all photos as their own once you publish them to the site.

I add people I know, who have interests similar to me - every so often I prune, if I haven’t communicated with someone for ages etc then I’ll delete them from the list.  I dont’ see the point of having folks on there for the sake of it.  I don’t bother with announcing I’ve pruned the list either, I don’t see the point, as those who have been deleted won’t get the message, and those that can, well, they are still on the list, so what do they care? 

It is what youmake it.  I did get a bit carried away with it for a little whihle, these days, I’m not that fussed.  Mind I’ve cut way back on internet time anyway.

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At my end, the jury is out on Facebook. I think it can be useful if you are forced to spend time at home and for some reason i.e. disabilities in the family are experiencing isolation. But I try not to feel compelled to go on it and when I don’t want to, I don’t.

I only have 70 friends on there and have kept it at that for a reason. I think it is really good for keeping in touch with people. My sisters and sil are all abroad so good to keep in touch with them and find out how my 8 nephews are doing.

I liked it to start with, but that was until I really started to understand how it works and who sees what. I got a bit hooked and started thinking in terms of facebook updates all the time! I have stopped using it really, but I dont want to close it down because its useful to keep in contact with certain people. I have thought about cutting it down to just close family and friends though, and I might do that. For me it was a novelty thing which has kind of worn off now.

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It’s worrying that facebook claim that the photos are theres when posted :( I never knew that…wonder what the method in the madness is?

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it may well be an age thing.

I’m 25 and find it HUGELY useful for keeping me in contact regularly and easily with family and friends, in the UK and abroad, and I love hearing all these joys/concerns/useless titbits about people’s lives (right now my news feed is informing me that one person wants to organise a trip to a theme park this weekend, that another has just discovered that Tommy, the green/white ranger in Power Rangers is now an undefeated mixed martial artist, and another someone sharing their joy over todays Google logo).

I agree that it can take over people’s lives, but as long as it’s used in moderation and not to the exclusion of real life and children, I LOVE FACEBOOK! lol

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I would say I love it, but its definitely useful for me keeping in touch with people.  When I was at uni I got into the games and stuff, but I think I grew up!  One friend had a very prem baby who was always in hospital, and rather than text everybody to say how he was doing, she just updated her fb status so we all all read and comment.  She’s just had her third baby who has been in a similar situation and has used it again for that, whihc has been great.

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I mostly use/d it to keep in touch with people overseas or living a long way away.

Although more and more organisations like our local LLL and sling group, etc are using it to post events, which is handy

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