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Bin Laden has been killed by the american army last night…. is this the start of a whole new war?

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I horribly suspect that it will be.  There were a lot of my facebook friends celebrating his death and while I hated everything he stood for, I can’t be pleased another human being is dead.  His supporters will do something in retaliation.  This coupled with what we’re up to to in Libya is all very worrying.

Even if he *is* (but isn’t it kind of amazing that everyone believes so straight off and are dancing in the streets and stuff?  Sickening - for so many reasons) it hardly matters, I feel there probably are many identical extremist human life-disregarding men waiting to jump in his boots.

What Im questioning is why they have disposed of his body already? without being abit sus…why? I think there’ll be a power struggle while we type on who is going to be the next mater mind!

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

Watching all the americans celebrating, yes i can understand, there rejoicing as he took so many peoples lives away from them and he is the defination of pure evil, but to me death was too good for him.
BUt yes there was always going to be a consequence to his death and there are others more able and willing to take his place. The war is not over, in my opinion, i think its just begun :(

According to the news, the got rid of his body so quickly due to respect of the muslim religion, you bury the body as soon as you die and i suppose they didnt want to add more fuel to fire to the muslim community. ALso they did not want to mark a grave for him so the sea was the best option i suppose but they have released a picture of him dead which personally i dont care to see and they said they took dna so we just have to take there word for it that he is now dead.

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I read this early this morning.  I do understand why folks who lost loved ones in 9/11 are rejoicing, it will feel like justice to them, but I feel rather sad, not particularly for Bin Laden, but just that this world breeds extremists and every day people get sucked into distasteful acts.

I really think the media should have thought twice about showing any rejoicing though, afterall I’m sure he has a family too, who will be mourning him.

Actually, I was more disturbed by the news that Nato is bombing Gaddifi’s strong hold and has apparently killed one of his son’s and 3 of his grandchildren.  :-(
Surely in the 21st century we can up with better ways to resolve wars etc rather than resorting to wholesale bombing in which innocents inevitably get killed. 

Sigh, and yes I expect there will be reprisals, I feel for our security services, secret and otherwise, tasked with trying to prevent any.

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The whole thing makes me feel really sad.  Yes, he organised hateful atrocities, but I believe people can change, and for the US to take the matter into their own hands (sounds like they went in to kill, rather than capture) just seems to make them on a par with the extremists, ie believing certain people should be killed.

I face the future with great sorrow, seeing a downward spiral to destruction ahead.  :(

I have no idea what this is going to mean, whether it will be another war or just a storm in a teakettle. I can’t honestly see how that this has much to do with Libya.

I think the whole situation re killing people who are in power and do dreadful things with it is very tricky. Should someone who is using their power to go out and kill or order the killing of masses of people have the same right to live as anyone else? Seems to me that if the ONLY way to stop someone from inciting murder of others is to kill them, that’s what has to happen. Incidentally I’d get rid of Bush and Blair too. “Our” side has far more blood (and oil) on its hands than the other. 3000 people died in the September 11 bombings. At least 3000 people, probably more, died in the subsequent bombing of Afghanistan. I have friends who were caught up in the twin towers bombings, I remember how scary it was at the time. But Bin Laden did not order the twin towers because he was a crazed jihadist. He attacked-according to his own letter-because of America’s foreign policy-its support of Israel, its occupation of Middle Eastern states, its refusal to sign up to Kyoto and reduce greenhouse emissions (seriously!),  Iraq, etc (as well as various sexist, racist and so forth reasons. But god, neither America nor Britain can claim to be strangers to racism or sexism-HOW many women do we have in the cabinet?).

Gadaffi, on the other hand…I am not a huge fan of British or American foreign policy, it alway seems to come down to ulterior motives. However I don’t know what the alternative IS to bombing his stronghold. He isn’t going to just go, is he? He had that kind of post-coup honey moon period where usually ex-dictators are packed off on a gold-laden plane to a nice remote island…after Mubarak was not allowed to do this, I think he perhaps didn’t see so much point in leaving so he hung on and on…he could probably have gotten his family out. I think, also, his sons are NOT innocents in this. It is a terrible shame that kids die, it really is, but many many children have been killed in NATOs bombing of Libya, and many many also by Gadaffi. Gadaffi isn’t a figurehead for a party, like in Britain. As I understand it, he IS basically the party-he is a bona fide dictator. The war needs to end, enough people have died, and Gadaffi’s family are worth no more or less than any other parent and their children.

The first thing I said to my oh is that if it would have been a British military action I don’t think they would have killed him for fear of the aftermath. I never thought about the religious side concerning the burial that makes sense!  Another comment that’s been thrown into the mix is did the royal family recieve a tip off as there honeymoon was apparently cancelled?

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

the burial will be due to religious beliefs they are buried within 24hrs of death as they are not enbalmed and therefore more likely to decompose, infection ect

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But burial at sea is not an Islamic custom (unless one happens to be at sea at the time of death).  I had a Muslim boyfriend once who would buy me books on Islamic custom and law just *because* - well he was weird.  I find it hard to comprehend a country who spend a zillion dollars tracking this guy down and then dumping him at sea like some quickie mafia hit job before the world at large has truly identified his body.  So suspicious.  Would they *really* give a sh*t about Muslim customs over a guy like this?  No way.  So unbelievable, the news just seems totally made up to me, hardly worth watching.  Totally scary though to see the American public so, I don’t know patriotic and so wholly trusting of what their government choose to tell them.

If the victim’s relatives of the 9/11 find closure and resolution now then bless them… but really?  I doubt it.

I’m with you mamauk seems very dodgy and as I said before I’m sure if it was britain that had done it there would have been a massive uproar! My hubby said it was stupid watching them all celebrate this morning, I would have much rather seen him “trailed” for his crimes!

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

Actually if you look into it, years ago they apparently caught and killed him, so how could he die again?, also it appears he is actually a CIA agent and was/is friends with Bush and co, after the twin towers fiasco the only plane to leave america after the airports were shut down was bin laden’s family on a private jet. I think people are so taken in by the mainstream media they believe anything fed to them. The whole thing is all about oil, all about creating a monster for people to hate so the americans and whoever else sides with them can have someone to blame for invading another country and calling it war. Who are the real terrorists?, what about all the innocent people who live in these countries that get bombed/invaded etc

forget what the bbc etc tell you, they are paid to tell one sided untruths to brainwash you into believing what they want you to believe.

Also don’t you think it’s funny how this story appears when the controversy over obama’s birth certificate is in full force - distraction technique perhaps?

Peace now seems to be just having a bigger stick than the other guy…

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Oh,  so DH and I are not the only ones who are not jumping for joy at his death, then! We are relieved that he has been caught, but there is definitely a big danger or the world being too marrow minded and celebrating his death whist forgetting that so many of his accomplices are still out there. It surprised us too that they’ve apparently disposed of his body so soon, and as for war, the Afghan government are already blaming Pakistan for harbouring Bin Laden, so I don’t think we need any other evidence to suggest an imminent war. The world needs to be on its toes if it’s really him who was killed.


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Really worries me too, my father is an ex serviceman and he says we haven’t seen anything yet, with America carrying out this operation in secret and like everyone said Americans jumping for joy with banners etc…  Watch the space I guess :(

Mummy to two lovely children one girl aged 9 and a boy aged 3 smile

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