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We are thinking of going this year,though havnt bought our tickets yet and its only about 3 weeks away cheese
Have heard its good for families but just wondered if anyone has been before and what they thought? And if anyone is going this year?

Mummy to 4

I’ve driven past it (grrr!) and it did look lovely - lots of families going in - lots of small children, and plenty of people offering each other cups of tea in the (very long) queue. All looked very friendly from the outside….

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We went to Sunrise Off-Grid last year and had a lovely time. x

jenny went last year

expect she will be here before too long, else pm her (jennifer)

I have been to sunrise 3 or 4 times now, and loved every time, i come back spiritually and emotionally envigorated and physically knackered !!!
I am hoping to go this weekend but will see how i feel in the morning !

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
mum to 4 sons 13,7,4 and 2
a daughter 8 years ,
and always in my heart my angel xx

Obviously not this year, but next year I am seriously considering this!  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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