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Randomly had a letter from my childs school in the post this morning - they have placed him on AEN register and placed him on school action, they claim he cannot hold a pen or catch a ball.  No mention of this in the 2 years at school, no mention of any issues at parents evening or in reports, I am in the school 2-3 times a day as I help out - no mention of an issue just a letter from a SENCo.  Found out they have been taking him out of class the last 2 months making him do a programme called FIZZY, no idea what this is, anyone know? I asked my son and he burst into tears and said he hates it, he is 6 ...
Surely a school has to tell the parent what is going on, I have never been told a problem, as for their claim he has fine and gross motor skill probs - total twonk.  If thats the case how come he plays football, builds intricate lego models, writes pages and pages of stories he invents, be above average in his literacy work with targets set for punctuation ...
surely this is wrong? If he cannot write how can he have such a target - I used to be a teacher and have never ever known anything like this let alone what they are claiming to be the case. With motor skills issues, how come he can dress himself, feed himself, ride a bike, roler skate, play catch!
This cannot be right - esp as their policy for AEN says involve parents as soon as concern etc.  Gets better his class teacher did not know a letter had been sent from the senco or that my son was under school action ...
Have I missed something latey in AEN and policies - do you just keep parents in the dark, and c’mon motor skills dont just become and issue over night, it is something that would have been noticeable from when he started not suddenly now.
Ideas on a postcard please! Just canot take this is - and this is in the day and age of ‘inclusion’ - ha!

Wow!  I would be so mad at this!  No advice, though - I am in Scotland, and ds is not yet school age, but it doesn’t sound at all right.

sounds like you have every right to have a rant,sure they’ve got the right child?!?if they can get it this wrong it makes you wonder(((hugs))),hope you soon get to the bottom of it xx

LETS no42

My first thought was whether they had the right child! 

Seems as if something has gone wrong somewhere, whether it be their admin, or their approach to the whole subject if Senco.

No def him as spoke to head,just so off the mark as he plays football and never been told at any point such issues

Right, I’m TOTALLY confused now! The head says they definitely have the right child but his class teacher DIDN’T KNOW???? There is something SERIOUSLY wrong there!!  And if he can write stories at age 6 then he obviously CAN hold a pen!! I have no idea of the system and how it works but I would most definitely NOT be having that!! My son is also 6 and does as you say your son does (football, writing stories, builds lego etc) and if I got a letter saying that I would be straight in to make a complaint! He can’t hold a pen is an obvious LIE!!  How ridiculous!! Your post has made me SOO mad!!! And just another reason why I am considering HEing in the future.  The education system is horrendous. Policies go WAY over the top and no one is able to use their common sense anymore!!

Hope you get things sorted soon but don’t let this drop unless you AGREE with them about his AEN. And keep quoting things from their policies (such as working with parents).  mad

they must of sent the letter to the wrong child! x

Is this ‘FIZZY’ program carried out by the SENCO? It sounds like the SENCO has not gone through the correct channels here. If s/he was doing this program and noticed a concern, s/he shoud have discussed it with the class teacher, but then you’d assume the class teacher identified your son for this program in the first place? Bit confused tbh.  confused
Also a child on school action must have an IEP & an IEP MUST be discussed and signed by the parent. Sounds like either the SENCo is very inexperienced, or else somewhere along the line, some wires have been crossed.
You said your son dislikes these FIzzy sessions, is it possible he is just not performing in them because of this? You need to find out what this program entails, why hes on it in the first place, who placed him in this group in the first place & why. Often extra sessions are for children performing just below average, so not always for the SEN. Unfortunately it is also the case that some children just dont perform aswell in school conditions as they do when relaxed & in the home environment, although I have to say the difference they are talking about is just too marked. Something is definitely not right here. Yep send a letter and follow with a meeting with the head, SENCo and class teacher if poss. Keep us updated. Hope it gets resolved.

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

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Spoke to SENCo - she had no idea not been told an issue ages ago, assumed class teacher had told me ... all she had to show me was a tick sheet that was undated and not sure when it was done, with a list of things such as uses cutlery, dresses themself, concentration etc etc - and my DS was scored as ‘worse’ in every box? A TA does this from what I could understand. Worse by the way meaning as in worse than an average ... Have been told he shakes when writing, not balanced and loads of other stuff? Spoken to other people, of which 2 who are sencos and know my DS very well, they are in utter disbelief. For example, how does he manage to put an all in one fancy dress suit on, let alone ride a bike and eat his dinner if any of this was true. They school did apologise and said hte class teacher should have said something sooner, but gets better, they have not senta letter to my ex whom had no idea either. Feel awful and good job we talk, as he is his Dad he should be updated too and they have his details.  Huge communication breakdown at every level, and I do not agree with what they are saying. It has been put to me that the SENCo being part time has to justify her job in order to get funding, my DS being left handed is a prime target. A final caveat, if they decide at the end of term there is no improvement and still an issue he will be sent to an occupational therpay clinic… just what he needs and I fail to see how they will assess him as having any problem other than being left handed.  If it does appear there is a problem, then fair enough,ok put help in place.  I just feel awful that they are saying to me ‘why have you not noticed’, er because he does not and never has done any of this at home or in other settings. Is this really how children are being treate din school nowadays, let alone the parents. The head said she will sit in on a session and assess him, however I pointed out the sessions he is doing are about balance now and dont include getting dressed or using cutlery ... wonder if she knows what fizzy….! I am just is total disbelief at this, would certainly consider home schooling with when our new little one is born in Sept and is older.  Having been a teacher I am just shocked at this, I really am.

Hello sorry to come so late on this one, first I would definitely give the following people a ring to talk this through
they were so helpful with the bullying stuff and advising us on what should be happening. Can’t remember the times the helpline is open though.

Secondly, as far as deciding things without parents are concerned (a parent at our school told me that her child was sent to an early literacy support class and taken out of the regular class - without her knowledge, she objected to it as soon as she found out, it was inappropriate and in fact her child has mild hearing problems which the school are not yet properly aware of he is having tests) - as far as I know (and ACE can advise you on this, WHATEVER happens to your child in terms of literacy support, SEN support e.t.c e.t.c a school is LEGALLY obliged to tell the parents beforehand (and the parent and family are as far as I know not obliged to accept).

Example with medical stuff, Babes had an eye test when she was three-ish - the tester said she needed to see a specialist - but the test involved the recognition of numbers and letters and in fact at that stage I knew that she didn’t know her numbers and letters at that stage and so the test itself was flawed - so I said no thanks and she is fine.

Likewise as I’ve written on the parent’s guide blog - Babes teachers called me in several months ago and said Babes needed to go into an early literacy support group - I knew she didn’t need to as she was doing brilliantly with words and books - and in fact that to allow her to do so would be labelling which would be detrimental to her well-being so I said no thanks. The school’s response was that they were entitled to ‘offer’ something like that but that parents don’t have to accept. All very well, but if parents don’t actually know this (or indeed know that their child is being treated differently to others in the class) - then they don’t know they are entitled to refuse the ‘support’. Seems to have parallels with your situation - not surprised you are shocked. My answer has been to be extra vigilant about what is happening at school - at all levels, and always, which many parents don’t have time or energy to do - in fact most of us want to just trust enough that these things will be dealt with properly, but unfortunately they aren’t always. And yes, probably targets have a lot to do with it.
good luck
hope this post helps

Crikey I’d be annoyed too, this really should not happen that you were not informed of their concerns earlier, and sounds like a huge breakdown in communication all round. Never heard anything like this. Hope you get sorted.

inthegarden - 08 June 2011 10:42 AM

It has been put to me that the SENCo being part time has to justify her job in order to get funding, my DS being left handed is a prime target.

Huh??? as a left handed person and a mother of a left handed child this shocks me! If a LH child is a “target” it’s probably because the RH teachers and “educational experts” don’t understand how to support them properly. I write perfectly well and so does my 5 year old daughter whose writing is very good for her age.

I could see how the justifying funding might be an issue although it is so wrong as it puts stress on the child and parents unnecessarily.

Good luck with sorting it out x

They still say he needs it so going to continue the programme until the end of the term and assess him.  Had a leaflet sent home re how to help etc, says use lego - he does everyday, also says spray bottles - he uses water guns that are the same, he has a nerf gun (I know, horrid htings!) he also does archery ... What I really do not understand is, store clothing as outfts rather than items????? I don’t understand - why? He should also have hooks not hangars. They also say balancing - he has a pogo stick!!!

Id be really tempted to video record your son getting dressed, using cutlery, on his pogo stick, at archery, kicking & catching a ball etc!!! Well they cant argue with that can they?

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

LETS number 137

Good thinking, they cannot argue with that! Just seems so unfair on him bless him, hopefully they will realise or whatever they are doing will show he is doing all of this already

Skye-Blu - 07 June 2011 09:01 PM

  The education system is horrendous. Policies go WAY over the top and no one is able to use their common sense anymore!!

Wow what a great comment!  I’ll remember that when I am in the classroom tomorrow.

Still not been able to get feedback as the SENCo is still not in as very very part time it appears! Spoken to 3 friends whom are SENCos and they knew of and are trained in the Fizzy programme, they thougth I was joking when I said my DS was on the programme! One friend popped round and on most of the games they use, DS was above average when she looked???? However, she did say, it is a rather good programme to be used to ensure paperwork is in place to justify the retention of a SENCo job if it is under threat ........ sure they would not do that tho as his school is very good

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