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Anyone going this year?

We are and I’m really looking forward to it although gutted I will miss the majority of stuff in the evenings, roll on kids being a bit older.  Don’t think I’ll be able to carry both while they’re sleeping this year.  There is so much going on and can’t wait for Saturday night Cabaret, kids will have to sleep in front of the can can dancers lol.


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Cant’ this year, but I’m hoping to make it next year..although does depend, as I am planning on going a big family holiday to Cananda to see family I’ve not seen in donkey years.

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I wanted to go last year but had already booked my flights home and missed it by two days!  I was determined to go this year but plans have changed and I’ll be moving to Berlin instead.  I am planning my holiday (to UK) around it next year because it looks so lovely.  I know at least one person from here went last year.  I hope you enjoy it and share your impressions of it too.

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