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I would like to spread the word and let others know about an excellent group which my son has been part of for 2 years now.  The group is called Lernejo (pronounced ler nay oh) and iwas set up to meet the needs of home educated children aged 12 - 16 years who have outgrown working at home with mum, but equally do not want to go to school.  Children can attend full or part time; the older children having the opportunity to work for GCSE’s if they wish.  This is a non profit making group but we do have to charge to cover tutors fees and rent etc.  At about £20 per day it is excellent value for money.  The web address is please take a look, we would be very happy to welcome new children.  Maureen1

This sounds fantastic -  have just has a sneaky peak at the website. We are considering HEing our children during their secondary years. However, it does seem rather costly. I know £20 a day is excellent value for a private school…but for HEing for people who don’t have that sort of funds (especially if you have more than one child) it is such a shame for them to miss out. 

It doesn’t seem to say if the group is available for, say, one morning a week…or just for field trips or random activities. If it is available for a couple of hours a week for the children to take an extra out of home “lesson” or to back up something they are learning at home with a specialised tutor then it would be more than great! If it is only available for full days then it really wouldn’t be something we would/could use..which is a shame, as it is just what I have been looking for otherwise.

Thank you for posting this and I’m sure some local HE parents would be interested to see it. x


I understand that the financial side can be prohibitive.  I can only stress we are non profit making and keep all our costs to a minimum but we do have to pay rent and professional tutors fees.  Lernejo is run voluntarily by parents and the curriculum is supplemented with voluntary lessons from parents where appropriate.  The sum of £20 per day is if parents spread their payments over 52 weeks, we allow this to do all we can to make the costs easier to afford.  We also encourage part-time participation to enable as many children access as possible.  Private tutors can ask £25 per hour.  I can only say we have found Lernejo very good value and I do not know what we would have done without it.  It is possible to access individual GCSE lessons and we do strive to be as flexible as possible.  When your children are older, please do contact Lernejo and we will do all we can to help.

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