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Hi all Piers has now been diagnosed with ADHD on top of his daignosis for ASD. Although this is expected it has still got me realing. Piers asked how can it fair that he has both autism and ADHD how can I answer him. I have shed a few tears, it is not fair my beautiful boy has to deal with so much at his young age. Still at least now we know and can move forward with appropriate help and suppport.

Joy mum to Marcus 18 and Piers and Lydia 9.

Sending you big (( HUGS )) xx

Hugs xxx As you say, at least now you can move forwards xxx

Radically unschooling mama to three gorgeous pickles Alfie (April 06) and Holly (Nov 07), Amber (Nov 2010)

Unfortunately many of these conditions seem to go hand in hand. DS who’s 6 has ASD, ADHD and DCD. It is much easier to tackle when you know what you’re dealing with. It sounds like he’s very switched on. This site might be useful for him I’ve no experience of it, but it’s been recommended by someone else.

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