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Some of you may remember the case of Habiba from a couple of weeks ago. Her daughter was removed from her care, among other things because she was still breastfeeding her at 15 months. After what must have been a traumatic 3 weeks in total, they have been reunited. It is not clear if breastfeeding has been or could be re-established, but at least mother and daughter are now together. Thanks to everybody who signed the petitions and gave their support.

I like this very much. Sincerely hope they manage to make up for lost time xxx

Adventures of a Little Roo

Waterbirthed/cloth-bottomed/semi-BLW/co-sleeping/breastfeeding/wrap-loving tired and cranky Mama to my babies’ guardian angel Jaia (25/6/03 RIP), my gorgeous preemie Jakeybear (4/05) and munchable Little Roo (8/10)

They love you, relax into that

Thanks for the update, I’m so glad to hear they are reunited. x

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