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Thomas, who was 2 last week was doing something that he knew he shouldn't be doing when I walked into the room ("tuning" the radio and altering the alarm time  ::)).  He stopped as soon as he saw me and then when I asked if he had been touching it he said no.  He kept saying he hadn't done it and said that a book did it!  After I had explained that I saw him with my eyes he then said he had done it and got very upset.  I didn't handle it all that well as I'm under a lot of stress at the moment, but I'm interested how you all handle lying in a situation like that.  I was more upset about the lie than the deed and told him that but as he's never heard anything about lies before I don't thinkhe really understood it.  How do you encourage being truthful when it comes to owning up/admitting doing something they shouldn't have?

A two year old has no concept of lying IMHO.  I really dont think he was lying "on purpose" and it's totally normal for children of that sort of age to blame something on someone else - my 3yo told me his little brother had eaten a bar of chocolate that was for a cake toppng the other day.  Sadly the chocolate all over his face and t-shirt kind of gave the game away, lol

A two year old is still only a baby really so I honestly wouldnt worry about little fibs, especially if he has only just turned two. 


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I normally just say seomthing like 'hmm, I don;t think so!' with an exaggerated roll of my eyes and a bit of humour, so they know that I know it wasn't the truth but without making a big deal of it.

Liz grin x

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Yes I do like Julysea said

;D Sorry I had to laugh at the image of the book doing it!  My DD tells some fine tales. 


My 3 year old has an imaginary friend who gets up to all sorts of trouble….without my little ones help!!!!

Agree 2 is too young to really understand, but as long as they know that you know, I think it falls into place with time.


Yeah i think as others have said, i would laugh and say i think i know who it was! but its totally normal if you've ever watched child of our times i've seen tests on there where they told the child not to touch something and then left the room and filmed them, they all touched it! and all said they hadnt when asked! i wouldnt worry about it!


The earlier they get to grips with lying, is supposedly a sign of intelligence!  Doesn't help with how to react to it though!  We used to get that his arm had done it (and that his arm was somehow seperate from him!! :D)

I think everyone elses suggestions are good for dealing with it at that age. 

LOL My DD says her hand/foot did things too ;D


I agree totally.  My 2y 6m old son has no concept of lying at all, in fact he is only just starting to realise that some things he shouldn't do (e.g. opening the cupboard door and throwing everything on the floor, throwing everything upstairs over the bannister (he is big on throwing at the moment!)) but he is at the stage of thinking doing something he shouldn't is a hoot.  I have to say I think it's a bit of a hoot too quite often, but I am just starting to say things like 'Oh, Sam' and rolling my eyes. 

Am also trying to respond positively not negatively, for example "let's keep the cups in the cupboard" rather than "stop throwing them on the floor" but manage it probably about half the time  smile

I just know he has no idea about lying at all and wouldn't be able to do it on purpose or sneakily, that comes much later IMHO.


p.s. Now, lying in teenagers…. hmmmm that is a whole other ball game!

Mummy to four little ones

Thanks for your replies.  I do think he knew that he wasn't being honest as he kept saying he didn't do it, then his emotions sort of burst out, he said he did do it, and then his body immediatly relaxed, like he had been trying really hard not to admit it but it sort of got the better of him!  The idea of their body parts sort of being seperate to them made me chuckle!

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