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Eden the stuff can either be left or ferried back and forth - most of the things on that list are classed as essiantals in this house as i am out no matter what the weather grin And I live up north so all in one rain suits are pretty important!

My wonderful gran has given my a check towards school unifrom grin so problem solved for this year. Dread to think what it will be when she starts ‘proper’ school next year.

Learning from my beautiful daughters everyday

We do not own the world, we borrow it for a while from our children

That’s not so bad then, at least you haven’t got to have double of everything - one for home, one for preschool.

What a lovely Gran to help out.
For school it’s good to look around - 2nd hand and ebay, many people had multiple uniforms so a lot never gets worn or worn very little so it can be picked up very reasonably. It depends whether your school has a policy that you have to buy a certain one or if you can just get from anywhere so long as the colour is right. My dd’s school really isn’t that strict on uniform, there’s a general stick to the school colour but there is great variety in what the children wear smile . We did buy one of the school logo cardigans for her but that the most expense at £8 I think, but it’s big enough for at least another year.

Could you get any hand me downs? Or maybe the school keeps items for those in need? I remember when I was at secondary I was in second had uniform - for PE all I had was a PE top, so had to do PE in that and my normal knickers for a couple of years.

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