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I’m currently using a stretchy wrap with my 13 week old which I love but I’m after a mei tai! The ones I have my eye on are the Ellaroo mei tai, a Napsack I think its called & a Connecta, which seem to be sold out everywhere! Anyone use any of these & if so which is the best? My daughter is a good weight but quite dainty (if that makes any sense?!) I’d like to be able to do a back carry at some point. I’m quite petite myself so whilst I love my wrap I do feel a tad swamped by fabric!

Any recommendations???

Daughter age 11
Three sons age 10, 7 & 5
Baby girl age 3

I’m completely in love with our BabyHawk, to tell you the truth! That, with a Kari-Me for when they’re tinies. The Hawk was expensive, but *SO* worth it, and we got it as an investment, considering we’re planning on lots of kids! x

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I dont like the connecta but I have friends who love it. I had an ellaroo mei-tai which was fabulous when he was younger but when he hit toddler hood, I needed something with wider straps. My favourite was a maya-tie, which has wide straps like a wrap and soooo comfy.

If you have access to a sewing machine, it’s fairly easy to make on of your own aswell

I was looking at the Maya tie as it had wider straps which appealed to me but couldn’t find many reviews on it… decisions decisions!!

Daughter age 11
Three sons age 10, 7 & 5
Baby girl age 3

I have a home made stretchy by dawnsbrood which was brill when Fin was teeny, then I got a connecta (owly print) and I love it. Its really easy when I am getting in and out of the car, but now we are car free I can see me using the sretchy more. That having said, I realy want a mei-tai but they are so expensive! I love drooling over the pics of them though!

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I had a Joey, which was gorgeous and I’d love another one (it got stolen) but I’ve heard a lot of positive things about Kozy’s too. I’d highly recommend that style, they’re soft, padded and very good for distributing weight, plus great for back carries when they’re bigger!

I would have said the Connecta was a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) rather than a Mei Tai - I’ve never used one but know lots of people who say they’re very comfy and easy to use. I have a Napsack in the sling library and I love it, but hardly ever use it as it isn’t pretty (fickle? me?) and isn’t as comfortable or easy as the stretchy wrap. It’s very roomy and comfortable for baby though, dd2 fell asleep in it before I even did it up the first time I used it!

Happy sling shopping - it’s the only kind of shopping I enjoy!

Claire x

I have 2 babyhawks, a joey and a connecta (that’s my MT-a-like ones). I like the Babyhawk for babies but past the newborn stage, the Joey is SO comfy for carrying toddlers and I’m not much of a fan of the connecta. Chris loves the connecta and I have friends who do as well, I think it is down to the shape of your shoulders!

The Joey is definitely the most comfortable MT or SSC I’ve tried.


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Oooh I LOVE the look of the joey slings! Just ordered one! “birdsong” I think it’s called, very pretty! Can’t wait for it to arrive :o)

Daughter age 11
Three sons age 10, 7 & 5
Baby girl age 3

I love the connecta and can easily carry Saule 14 months or Alice in it, S has been in it since a few days old.  I also have a home made MT, so easy to make and I used slightly stretchy jersey fabric for nice wide straps but the body makes for good thick cotton and lots of prints to choose from.  I also made a half way up MT for festivals when Alice was a bit older and wanted to look around, I put a big flap and buckles on it incase she got sleepy.  The variations are endless and all personal smile


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We (well DP, I prefer to Wrap) has a Babyhawk and a Kozy
The Babyhawk is great for when they’re little til about 18mths. But the Kozy is brilliant older babies/toddlers. DP (and I) can easily carry DD (4y) in the Kozy.


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