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Albert is 14 months old  and Stanley now 9 days. Until this week I have not really worried about how I am going to cope with 2 very well under two. Now dh is due to go back to work next mon I am bricking it.

How did you do it? Any tips?



Have done 2 under 2 twice!

Can't add much more than beetlebum has already said, except, don't expect to make any routine, just let your days happen.
Spend plenty of time on the floor with them, be kind to yourself, you will look back and wonder how you managed, but you just will!

I have 5 under 8 and it is the best way my life could have gone, but is hardwork, we are all here to help on the bad days! smile

Thinking of you. smile

Not quite as short a gap - dd2 was 20 months when ds1 was born.  Have to say that i don't remember a lot of it now - except that i seemed to get more sleep then than I do now with ds2  smile  The other ladies are spot on though Jacqui - look after yourself as much as you can - don't try to be the perfect mum/homemaker/whatever.  We all survived to tell the tale and you and your wee boys willl too.

Hi there

My 2nd child was 12 months old when my 3rd was born and it was very hard work. 

The positive was:

They were both still having daytime naps so we all got a couple of hours of sleep in the daytime, I managed to get the naps to co-ordinate

The older one is still young enough to be happy staying at home - don't push yourself too much, hibernate for a few weeks/months if necessary.  I was doing a school run which wasn't much fun, and apart from that I just visited friends or went to a coffee group.

The older one tends to be too young for any sibling rivalry.  My two have been the greatest friends (they are 8 and 7 now) and it is wonderful for them.  In fact, I feel sorry for my other two who don't have any close in age siblings.

Someone once said that it is like having twins, but with them being at different developmental stages.  I think the hard work involved is probably on a par to having twins, but it is only the first few months that feel like really hard work.  Once the younger of the pair is crawling and playing with the older they are great companions and I think it is easier because they really do entertain themselves a lot of the time.  My older one and youngest have a 4/5 year gap and so need a lot more imput from mum as they are on their own a lot more.

Good luck with you two, remember it is early days and when they are sleeping - sleep!  It will make the world of difference to how you feel.




Mummy to four little ones

Hi I have never done the two under two thing but a very good old friend has five girls (the youngest is now 12) all with one or one and a half years between them!  The way she managed was similar to what Mum of 5 said above - she never seemed rigid or in a routine as such but just let her days happen.   She She seemed to enjoy them whilst they were little and I used to both admire and envy her.  Hard work though but so worth it.  Her girls are all close now smile


Mia was 23 months old when Tarka was born, and it was a bit of a  :o trying to manage!  I did find it quite isolating, but I was tuck miles from anywhere and found egtting out and about with them really hard.  Our new baby is due in August, so I will have 3 under 4yrs and I imagine it is goingto be an interesting experience again lol!

I agree with Becks, to just let your days happen, don't put pressure on yourself and try to rest if/whenever you get the opportunity.  I do think the positives outweigh the hard bits, Mia and Tarka have great fun together and I can't imagine them not having each other to play with.

One thing I found useful, was to have sandwhiches or something ready for my lunch before dp went to work (he usually made them!) as it can be hard to actually have time to make and eat something…

Gina xxx

I will have done the two under 2 years thing twice too (when this one decides to make an appearance) and would agree wuith much of what was said above.

Managing to co-ordinate an overlap in naps was a lifesaver for the few weeks it lasted- and yes do a few 'jobs' but also sit down with a drink and read a chapter of your book/magazine-or what ever you do to relax- it is amazing what a high 'achieving this' can do - even if the rest of the day is a rollercoaster.
One of the things that I did do-similar to Gina- was to have DS tea (older child) ready in the fridge and to do him sandwiches and things he could feed himself easily- as DD was the classic late afternoon fussy BF-often going for a couple of hours (BF in my house was a very two handed rugby ball procedure- not compatible with simultaneous doing things with DS).
I found it helped me to know that I was keeping on top of the washing etc- emptying machine first thing in morning was somewaht of a religion and making sure that I got outside to hang it out (even with baby in sling) and watching toddler through window- means that you get a few minutes of fresh air- which made me feel much better.
Two in nappies is hard work- somedays I felt like a nappy changing machine- could do three in 20 minutes…...but it soon passes
HOWEVER the positives- my two are best friends- they spend most of the day giggling together now (between the squeals that is)- they share a bedroom and often jump into bed together

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