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Hi there, my DH & I have just set up a facebook page called Lose the Lactose & was wondering if you’d like to support us in encouraging companies to stop adding dairy/lactose to their products.

All of my children are allergic/intolerant to dairy/lactose in varying degrees, so are myself & my husband so this is an issue that really affects my family on a daily basis.

Hope I can rely on your support!! Thanks to those that already have popped over & “liked” our page :o)

Anna x x

Daughter age 11
Three sons age 10, 7 & 5
Baby girl age 3

Have liked it and I see some of my non-GP Mama friends have seen me do it and are following suit smile You’ll get loads in no time. good luck smile

Beck xxx

Radically unschooling mama to three gorgeous pickles Alfie (April 06) and Holly (Nov 07), Amber (Nov 2010)

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