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Love it, HFW is now championing the eat more veggies and less meat/fish! 

I hope he is able to make an impact like he did with poultry and pork, that people willb egin to sit up and listen.  I am rather cynical mind, when one has big food encouraging folks to eat more and more.  I was gobsmacked to learn that the Sugar Industry actually blackmailed the world thingy organisation to recommend 10% sugar in our diet, by saying they would lobby govts to cut their funding if they did not…..... when the organisation wanted to say something like no more than 5% sugar in a diet, and hell when it comes to refined sugar, lets be honest it should really be 0%. 

Appalling, utterly appallling.

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I do like HFW smile And know I know that there’s a proper name for us too - selective omnivores smile

Love it.

I not sure though whether anything has had such a big impact as his battery chicken programme - free range chicken is now an option in every supermarket - battery eggs are pretty much off the shelves, and even pre-prepared food boasts free-range eggs now. I didn’t see a big difference with pork, although fish seems to be improving. I’d really like to see something mainstream (I know there are plenty of vegan vids out there) about how lamb and beef are produced, as it seems to be really hard to get the info. If I ask at a supermarket counter whether their lamb or beef is free range, they look at me as though I’m nuts (I guess because they are large animals), but i know that at least some of the red meat in this country is intensively farmed, if not most.

I do tend to use farm shops or indie butchers where possible, but I don’t think there will be major shifts towards ethical meat eating until the supermarkets stock it profusely and the vast majority can pick it up with their weekly shop.

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Would be good tog et the supermarkets on board. 

I think the biggest problem though, is the the big food industries, they don’t want people eating less meat, because it would mean less profits - although i’m sure they’d find another way to fleece us… and while big food industry is so powerful, I am pretty cynical how much change we’ll see.  I suppose it’s change on a local level that is perhaps need, getting people themselves to start saying they want less meat etc and will not buy intensesly farmed meat/fish/poultry.

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I hope that people who dont feel its a proper meal unless it has meat in, or those who will always choose the meat option (sanwhiches/pizza/eating out etc) will come to realise veggies can replace some of that meat and be yum on their own. Maybe then people will switch to a smaller ammount of free range meat rather than eat so much meat. I do think though the real challenge is still getting people to cook and not buy ready made meals and take aways all the time, because these often do contain nasty meat. It also suprises me that some people who eat less meat and who only buy free range meat make an exception for take aways and meals out. Shows a shift in attitude but still not commitment to considering what you are eating all the time.

I love having this place near to me with its excellent quality meat and community vegetable garden.

I have cut right down on eating meat now, and prefer to eat organic meat 2-3 times a week instead.  It also seems like we are being short-changed by our “5 a day” recommendation as it not shared by all countries, many countries around the world such as Canada recommend eating “11 a day” some countries “13 a day”.  I am more or less supermarket free now, whenever I do have the misfortune of stepping in one, I notice how the junk food is being pushed at people ridiculously, multipack crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits etc all at cheap prices, I’m having to stay away as the temptations are just too much lol!!!

I love the term selective omnivore, guess that’s what I’ve been for a long while then smile. I do eat meat - I will only buy it from where I can find out how it was produced, so local farms that sell direct or farm shops that sell from other farms but have all their details to check out too, or local butchers.

I would probably guess that most supermarket meat if it isn’t clearly marked as free range or organic, etc then it probably has come from intensive farming, but not sure with all of it but the supermarkets aren’t going to have that info to give you, or want to give it to you . Local butchers are more likely to know, if you have any near you. I am lucky that we have 2 local butchers nearby and they are great to chat to about where their produce comes from - and make their own foods to sell - pies, etc.

Definitely the big food industries and supermarkets that control what is out there, but then the consumers do have to take some responsibility for buying it, buyers do have power but only if in big big numbers, and unfortunately I’m not sure this country as a whole would be committed to that. There are a loarge number of our population who can’t, or haven’t tried learning to, cook so prepared food is popular. It would take a huge campaign to change that.

MotherEarth - I too have read quite a bit around this and the 5 a day is something that our food standards organisations decided upon as they didn’t believe we would ever hit the more recommended levels of a lot higher. I’m sure I read somewhere that it should really be something like 9 or 10 a day but they felt that was too much to ask, or maybe the food industries made them believe that for their own gain wink (me, cynical?)

Look forward to seeing what HFW can do though, bring it on for the vegetables.
Michael Pollan’s books a worth a read on this kind of subject, although American it has some parallels with what’s going on here now.

I must say, I struggle to get in 3 a day, let alone 5 - can’t honestly can’t imagine how people can eat 13 a day!  I think in grocers and supermarkets there should be people like in the butchers who tell you what to do with vegetables other boil them for twenty minutes.  butchers are always really good at giving you ideas how ot cook it right, what to eat with it.  If they did that with veg it would make them less boring and much easier for us carnivores to be healthier!

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Anriel, I get an Able and cole veg box each week and they send you recipe cards with each delivery and also mini books for each season with brilliant recipes for veg in, I would of never known what to do wit a pattipan squash or chard before I started with them, there are also some great blogs out there with veggie recipes in, you could also become a member of PETA for free and they will send you a veggie pack with a recipe book.
I love the term selective omnivore, I have wondered for a while what we are when people ask, now I know!!
Love HFW, would love to have a cuppa and a chat with him, imagine being his neighbour, how awesome would that be!

Riverford also do the recipe leaflets as well, so I imagine it’s standard with veg boxes. I like the schemes where you can choose what you want, rather than have to use what’s in the box that week - it means I actually use stuff rather than passing it on to other people. I’ve found the prices to be comparable to supermarket organic stuff too.

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I am increasing my consumption of fruit and veg MASSIVELY by having a juice for breakfast and lunch, and then a cooked meal for tea.  I have occasionally replaced the lunch time juice with a raw meal.  It makes 5 a day achievable in one meal! 

Definitely a selective omnivore, either that or a closet vegetarian/vegan!

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