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I'm completely addicted to Blogs and have so many i subscribe to through bloglines. I find them really inspiring - especially when they are people i actually know (in an online sense anyway) so i thought it would be a good idea to start a blog roll - a list of GP bloggers. I know some people link to them in their taglines but i thought it would be good to have them in one place.

If you have a blog and would like to share it with us please post a link here along with what your blog is about.

So to start here's mine:

Its mainly a family photo journal but our 'special interests' are : attachment parenting, art & craft, baby led weaning, baby signing, growing our own veg (getting chickens later this year and aim to be self sufficient-ish one day), vegetarian cooking, cloth nappies, toy making… i could go on but i'll stop here! lol

Nearly forgot, i also have but use it less. Hoping to pick it up more as i get more time when Phoebe's older. Its mainly for my ramblings about the above topics. I wanted somewhere seperate to ponder these issues without my relatives reading through all my thoughts, although i do link between the two so they can read them if they wish. I've got nothing to hide.  wink  ;D

Ok, who's next?


Home ed artsy mama to Phoebe (Jan 07), Ezra (Aug 09) and Elijah (Oct 12)

Our Blog:

Here's mine  smile
I was inspired by Polly's to start ours and just had a peek at yours, Natural Mummy, it's lovely too smile

Gina xx

Hi Girls….

I'm a blog fan too and have already added Gina's to my links on mine.  However, here is the link to mine altho' I have to warn you that I started mine when I became a Christian two years ago to record that journey and as a result it's primarily about my faith but of late it's been used alot to record my home schooling venture with Ethan as well so it's a bit more general now….

Happy to share…....

love to all

Sharon xx

Polly and Gina, i've been looking through your blogs and i feel like i have so much in common with you. I feel like someone has held up a mirror and shown me what our life could be like in the future if i learn to trust my instincts further and stop worrying what other people will say. Obviously i've already strayed from 'the norm' with attachment parenting, full term breastfeeding etc but i think if we choose to unschool we'll meet a lot of resistance. Reading blogs like yours really  inspires me to follow my dreams. So thank you.  :D

Sharon, I took a peek at your blog too. Although i'm not christian it is refreshing to find people who think so deeply about their lives and who have the courage and willpower to write so much and really reflect on things. My blog is mainly photos so i'm in awe of people who really write stuff!


Home ed artsy mama to Phoebe (Jan 07), Ezra (Aug 09) and Elijah (Oct 12)

Our Blog:

I also have a  blog, it's at (sorry not a snappy link to remember I know, but it is linked on my main website). It's about all sorts of things - our HE journey, being a mother, gardening, being green, my Pagan faith. Just ramblings really and I don;t get the chance to update as often as I'd like.

Liz grin x

Druid, boat-dwelling, home educating mum of DD1 (11), Aspie DS (9) and baby DD2 (2), & part-time step-mum to 2 stepdaughters, 9 and 7.

Don't have a blog of my own, but read quite a few.
Had a look at yours, Polly and Gina and they are both lovely, will be following them from now on. Your children look so very happy and contented

Keep the blogs coming, I love reading them.  Been reading Liz's for a while and it's lovley to have some more.

Lorna x

[quote author=MummyOak link=topic=1931.msg21091#msg21091 date=1215515294]
Don't have a blog of my own, but read quite a few.
Had a look at yours, Polly and Gina and they are both lovely, will be following them from now on. Your children look so very happy and contented

Thank you  smile


[quote author=mamauk link=topic=1931.msg21144#msg21144 date=1215534192]
here's mine)

Claire you have a lovely blog, and lovely family. Those pics of the boys holding Esme in bed are so sweet.


Home ed artsy mama to Phoebe (Jan 07), Ezra (Aug 09) and Elijah (Oct 12)

Our Blog:

Our site is

It's not really about us though, it's about our goal of reducing our rubbish so that we put nothing in the landfill.

I love seeing all your blogs! Thank you for starting this thread.

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Brand new blog alert ... inspired by all your wonderful blogs .. here's mine ...

not much to see as yet ...
Be gentle


One Happy Mama

Lets Number - 3

How cool are those socks Mama4?  ;D

Beautiful photos Denise, look forward to reading/seeing more  smile

Gina xxx

Mamauk - I really love your blog, you have such a lovely, happy family!   smile

Denise, I love those socks too!!  I soooo want to learn how to knit, but don't know any knitters!! 

I don't have a blog but I love looking at other peoples, I think you learn quite a bit from them too.  There is a small holding blog that I am enjoying reading too, it's fun seeing what she is planting and comparing them to how my own little plants are coming on!  Maybe one day I might do a bit of blogging, but might have to do a bit of soft-focus camera work to hide the mess!   ;D

Home educating Mammy to DD aged 13, DS aged 12, DS aged 10, DD aged 7, DD aged 3 and DS aged 2 weeks!!  grin

Thanks so much to all for your lovely comments.
I adore reading blogs and have learnt so much from them, new knitting patterns, great book recommendations, celebrating festivals, charities to knit for and support and on and on .. so thank you to those that blog for sharing little peeks into your lifes.

Wodgehog - no excuse now you know a knitter  wink

The socks are my dd's, she loves them, thank goodness.I have a small amount of the yarn left over and would love to make a little pair for naturalmummy's cutie, as she was the first person to leave a comment on my blog.If I could have your address NM ( am sure Wodgehog, Luciej, starchild will all vouch for me )


One Happy Mama

Lets Number - 3

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