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Hello everyone
I hope you are all well,
its been aaages since I posted! Loving reading it all still.

I wanted to invite you to the Occupy LSX Family Fun Day on 29th October- next Saturday, from 1-4pm outside St Pauls. There will be music, magic, street performance, loads of stuff for kids to do.

I am really passionate about the Occupy movement- stateside it has already started impacting the political climate and I think there is loads of potential for the UK version to do the same. To symbolise the anger towards a financial and tax system that perpetuates such inequality and the hope for an alternative.

It is a brilliant environment up there- me and Ramona go everyday- other mums and tots just chilling out together while the kids play.

Do get in touch if you would like to meet us up there. Please sprad the word about next weekend!

Come and say hello at Lulastic and the Hippyshake - Attachment parenting and thrifty, recycled homemaking.

I would be with you if I could, but a bit far to travel.  it is fascinating watching all this happening.  Not been on twitter much this week, so missed it.  Hope to catch up later on. xxx

Hello - again this is too far but sounds interesting. Do you have a link you could post to explain a bit more? Thanks x

Me living in my little bubble world has very little idea what the occupy movement is.  Would you be able to bring me up to speed on it?

With you in spirit but cannot be there in person.

For those who haven’t heard about this - it started in NY and just grew from there -
No doubt there are other websites for the movement worldwide and UK wide. It’s all over the internet even if you never watch it on the tv news.

The day went really well, thanks for your responses. The Occupy movement in UK is growing solidly now. If you ever wanted to come up to London and show your kids around a protest camp, show your solidarity then do get in touch. They are in most major cities though- and they could all probably do with more families getting involved. There are always inspiring democratic meetings and energetic debates happening!
Find out more about the London on here:

Much love

Come and say hello at Lulastic and the Hippyshake - Attachment parenting and thrifty, recycled homemaking.

I’ve been down to mine in Leeds and would probably be with them all the way if it weren’t for the children, but I’m going to go down regularly.  The one in Leeds is quite small at the moment, the guys down there are absolutely tops and it’s been a pleasure chatting to them.

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