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Im so sick of the mess here, I just cant stand it. Im de-junking but the house still gets messy really fast.Ive identified the worst offenders, and they are clothes and toys. We always give a load to charity in the lead up to xmas so that will improve things, but Im also wondering about storage now for toys.

When do kids grow out of a playroom/area? We have a section of the dining room as a play area with a large rug, bookshelf and lots of baskets with their toys in. Originally I did this because it meant they were in view of the kitchen when I was cooking, but now they are 5 and 4, I dont need to be watching them all the time and they tend to play all over the house. So im thinking of turning it back into a dining room, but not sure where or how to store the toys. They share a bedroom and theres not much space in there with two beds. Id like to get bunk beds but we cant afford to at the minute.
All the art and craft stuff is in a set of kitchen drawers atm and I want that downstairs and accessible, but perhaps not in my kitchen drawers! A lot of their play involves creations of somekind.

So inspiration is needed! Where are your kids toys? How do you store it? If you had a play area/room, did they grow out of this and when?

Thanks smile

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LETS number 137

my youngest 2 are 7 and 11 and theres still toys everywhere(sorry)we have one big tub for general ‘stuff’ that dosn’t fit in sets etc,then a shelf for books,a tub of cars,a tub of playmobile,a biiiig box of duplo which i was going to loose but with grandaughter due,i think i’l slim it down and keep it up for her,a case of knex,and various lego ‘projects’ laying around,oh and the marble run,an old school desk with drawing stuff books etc,thats downstairs,in there room which is quite tiny they have roll under bed we sound like a playgroup!!xx

LETS no42

Yes my house looks like a playgroup too! I think Im trying to get away from that look, but maybe its not possible?!  wink

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

LETS number 137

Leo’s things are divided between the living room and his room. We have a big Ikea chest in the living room and he has 4 shelves as well. The chest has big things - marble run, train set and castle set. The blocks and small toys are in baskets on shelves and then there are books, paper and pens, a season table bit and some stacking toys and wooden animals. In his room he has 4 toy ‘buckets’, a couple of small hanging baskets and shelves as well as 3 boxes of craft things. It is often a complete mess in there! I’m planning on putting some new shelves up and get a storage unit with baskets in it to try and reorganise and make some room for the new baby’s things. Need to have a big sort-out and pass lots of things to the charity shop I think!

Leo spends most of his time playing in the living room, he only tends to play in his room if I’m with him or if he has friends over. So the things he plays with most are downstairs.

Charlotte x

Home-Edding, BFing, Co-sleeping, Carrying & Cloth-nappying Gentle Mama to Lovely Leo (Apr 07) and Beautiful Ella (Mar 12)

That sounds like what Im aiming for Leanne! Unfortunately Im not a very tidy person by nature and the kids seem to be picking up my bad habits! I like the idea of under bed storage, where did you get these drawers for under beds?

Leosmummy…..thats what I need, shelves! I dont know why I havent any! The trouble with me is I will quickly fill any surface. Shelves in their bedroom would be good though.

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

LETS number 137

Neither me nor DH are tidy by nature either which is why our house is always a tip! However, I am getting there slowly! My two are 6 and 9 now and for the past couple of years they have had all their toys kept up in their bedroom (well, that is where they BELONG but doesn’t mean that is where they stay!). They did have shallow baskets under their bed (bunk bed). Do yours have spaces under their beds for this type of storage?

We have a new one arriving in April and I have no idea how we are going to fit his/her toys in!! At the moment my two share the middle sized room and the baby will be in ours for a while. But once they move to their own room they will have a teeny tiny box room (length of a bed plus about a foot along side it. Approx 5’x7’ so a large cupboard really!).  My dd was in their very briefly in a high sleeper with shelves and boxes underneath but there was no way clothes AND toys would fit in there…so really not sure what we’ll do. We do have an over stairs cupboard that at present houses bed linen but if we can find somewhere else for them we could use that space as a wardrobe possible??

Our downstairs storage is non existent - the only space being the cupboard under the stairs which houses coats at the moment but the pushchair will also be in there.

No help whatsoever really apart from the under bed storage as I just have none to give! Just sympathise that we are in a similar position!!
Good luck! x

Thanks skye-blu smile I think Im going to have a look for under bed storage, and aim for toys to be kept upstairs where possible. I have also seen this brilliant low wooden draw thingy with 6 large baskets in on 2 levels, but its 250 euros!! I would love something like that for downstairs, might have a look for something similar second hand.
Cheers all

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

LETS number 137

In the kids room we have a lovely 3 tier wooden shelf unit with 3 fabric boxes on each shelf (actually just wooden poles so that the boxes sit at an angle) from Lidl which I seem to remember were a bargain!  Obviously they don’t sell them all the time but it helps for all those things that don’t fit in the large boxes full of - train track - marble run - lego - puzzles - board games.  Most of our furniture downstairs is the modular Traby system from IKEA so we can chop and change baskets, cupboards, drawers around as our needs change.  I have found it particularly handy to have drawers high up and now they are getting older I have moved one set down a level so they have their own stationery storage.  The total cost of it has been quite high but we built it up gradually.  I think that a house which shows no signs of children concerns me slightly, I believe the children should feel like they belong in the whole house and, even if they have to tidy up before bed, there isn’t a part of it (other than Mum & Dad’s bedroom maybe) where there things cannot be!  I hope you can find a solution within budget, it is so stressful feeling out of control where little whirlwinds are involved!


PS: Edit to add that our children each have a set of RAST drawers from IKEA for all their clothes (not PJs) and at £16 per chest it is not to be sniffed at!  We personalised them with some little wooden animal plaques that we found in Hobbycraft.  They are small but that is good in many respects!

We gave ikea expedit shelves in their room, our living room (with doors) snd the conservatory

Baskets fit in and are interchangeable

Large toys go
On top

Books go in these shelves too

Can then lift out one box at a time (farm, little people, etc)

Everyday toys are lowest down

We also have an art cupboard, by the big table

For non toy storage 3 tall trofast units for coats,shoes. Gloves wtc
Book bags
Also adult keys, phones, post and general clutter

Ds1 - 8
Ds2/dd - 3
Ds3 - born dec 2010

Thanks guys - those interchangeable basket/drawer systems sound like the kind of thing Im looking for smile

Diana, I totally know what you mean about houses with no sign of kids stuff, I feel the same. I dont think theres any danger of ours becoming like that, but I think Ive gone OTT with their artwork on every available wall space and toys in every room! Im claiming back a little space for me and DH LOL

Started on the clearout today… a long way to go!

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

LETS number 137

Hi PicnicInTheWoods,

I was additionally confronting this issue when my youngsters are little, that time my home likewise resembles a play area. At that point I purchase a children stockpiling box for them, they are anything but difficult to convey and we can put all toys in that.

So I will suggest you to buy storage box.

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