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Hi, my sister is suffering with recurrent thrush and is having problems with the antibiotics making her feel rough too. She’s had a test and it’s nothing worse. Tried natural yoghurt (still trying) and bicarb baths but it hasn’t helped so far.

I’d heard you can use calendula to treat it - I have hoards of dry flowers from this year - any ideas how to prepare it? Everything I’ve found online is for a tincture, and I really wanted to make her something now :(  I’m new to herbalism/ natural remedies so I’m worried I’m going to do more harm than good tbh! Would a strong cooled tea to dab/ spray on the effected areas help? Sorry if I sound like a mad woman!! I genuinely have no idea.

FYI, I have lots of lavender too if that’s any use? As well as the usual lav. oil, tee tree oil, chamomile tea, lemon balm and food herbs and lots of plantain growing in the garden.

thanks for your help and endless patience with me xxx

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Is she using a live yogurt rather than just a natural one? I heard it had to be live. I had thrush a while ago and was prescribed canestan but the doctor also suggested eating live bio yogurt regularly to keep it away.

No idea about calendula though or anything else herbal. Hopefully someone else will be able to help more soon. x

Hi, yep, def live. I didn’t know that eating helped too, so I’ll let her know smile thanks for the advice x

Cuddly Mamma to DS (6) and DD (3) with husband in tow

Not sure about calendula but I know from previous threads on the GP that cutting down/out your sugar intake makes a huge difference.  Also, drinking a couple of Yakults per day helps x

Hi lovelymummy, Sorry for late reply. Live yogurt doesn’t really help except calming down a bit. Calendula either; it’s more like a placebo effect. I used to have recurrent thrush for years, and tried everything I could think of. Nothing worked until I switched from tampons to a mooncup. Basically, tampons and other mainstream things like this are treated with nasty chemicals, and some women get bad reactions to these after a while. I haven’t had thrush for the last few years, well, since using this silicon re-usable mentrual cup. Also, I used to be very dry because tampons dry all the good natural secretions, while the mooncup doesn’t. I would never ever go back to tampons. In a way I could say mooncup saved my life really… Good luck to your sister, Bianca

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Hiya, yes, its worked for me when all else failed. Bring 1/2 pint (preferably purified) water to the boil, add 1 handful dried calendula flowers and simmer VERY gently for about ten minutes. Strain, cool, and use as an external rinse for the vulva. Ive been told to dip a tampon into the tea and insert it but I haven’t tried that so cant vouch for it. Good luck!

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