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As expected with my small frame and 9lb+ babies, my stomach stretched *a lot*! this time, however, in addition to the very wrinkly skin I was expecting, I have a band of pain across my stomach. It feels like the skin sensitivity you get with the flu, but much worse, and it hasn’t improved at all since Jude’s birth nearly two months ago. I asked the midwife and the doctor about it - both were a bit flummoxed. The suggestion is that it might be stretched nerves, but no-one seemed to be able to tell me for sure, or give me an idea of when or if it would improve.

Has anyone experienced this, and if so, did it improve at all? It currently hurts to touch the skin at all, and I need support pants under all my clothes, otherwise the waistbands hurt (at the moment I need them anyway for my torn stomach muscles, but last time they got me to stop wearing them after about three months). The sensation is just under the skin, so I don’t think it’s connected with the muscle problem.

I’m struggling to play rough and tumble games with grace in case she touches the painful area, and even bathing Jude yesterday was painful as she kept kicking my stomach. I really don’t want this to affect what I can do with my kids - really hoping someone knows what this is and has some positive experiences!

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I don’t know if it is the same, but I had a painful section on my back after giving birth. It gradually got worse until about 3 or 4 months, then started to decrease.
The sensation varied from pins and needles in the skin, to outright pain, but like you said it was in the skin rather than the muscle below. I could often feel the skin tingling, and it hurt to wear bras (so I didnt!) and being hugged, or wearing the sling was sometimes unbearable.

The Dr felt it was a nerve problem, but couldn’t identify where from or how it was being caused, so concluded it must have been caused during labour or soon after birth. As I cant take Ibuprofen there was nothing much he could do, so we left it.
Now at nearly 7 months I feel a very slight tingle when I scratch the skin, and I am ‘aware’ of the area, but its got so much better over the months and I have no problems with the sling now.

I don’t know if it is the same as the area is different, but wanted to share anyway to say if its nerve damage from birth then be gentle with yourself and give your self time to heal more. I guess some things simply take much longer than we expect.

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I don’t know how small a frame you have, I had a 9lb 11oz baby and wear size 8 clothing.  I too stretched alot over the stomach area (people thought I had a football down my top when I was pregnant!).  I saw a physiotherapist as part of my post natal care and she told me I too had separated the abdominal muscles and needed to be careful to ensure that they were able to come back together.  I was told not to lift anything heavy (apart from the baby lol!) and to go easy on any pelvic floor exercises for a while. 

It took over month I think for them to feel that they had repaired and my stomach area was sore for some time, I did not want any clothes but very soft baggy ones against the skin, I would have found support pants intolerable, could they be the problem are they too tight?

Did the stomach skin pain ever go away ? I’m having the exact same issue. I’m 5ft 1in and weighed 128 before pregnancy and my baby was 10.2 and now my stomach skin is terribly painful I can barely stand to have my shirt touch it. I’m 6 weeks pp. Please let me know how long it took to get better. Thank you

I had this happen during labour. Felt like anything touching my skin was absolute agony. The baby was pressing on a lot of nerves I think though. The pain didn’t continue post partum.

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