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Can anyone suggest somewhere I can buy soft cotton jersey type trousers , similar to pjs ? X x for boys 5/6 x x a simple life in fabulous Cornwall with my gorgeous boys .... 

Any good?  smile

They’re a little pricey but wear very well.  They have cheaper ones too but they seem to only go up to 4-5.

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Frugi do some cropped ones, but if you got the next size up they would work as trousers one year and cropped trousers the next? But they are rather pricey too.

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Boden do them, I just got lots of them on ebay, as new too expensive wink

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Cough… er I must admit I buy those sets of pjs with plain pj bottoms and Rye wears the pj bottoms, he likes colourful clothes and now he’s 5 it’s getting harder and harder to find him fun colourful trousers, everything is blue, grey, brown or black -(  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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Thank you lovely mamas x x x a simple life in fabulous Cornwall with my gorgeous boys ....

The pj type trousers are very easy to make, you can do it by folding a pair he loves in half and drawing round them.  Add extra where he has grown.  And you get to choose the fabric smile

It’s the first thing alot of people make on a sewing machine.

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Oooh really sarie I must give that a go x x thank you all x a simple life in fabulous Cornwall with my gorgeous boys ....

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