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Please consider supporting our friend’s epetition. Battery eggs are now banned in the EU. Britain is complying (quite rightly) with the new legislation, but we are still accepting egg imports from other EU countries which are not currently complying. This means that your eggs may not be as ethical as you would like, but also, it puts British farmers at a real disadvantage, because other EU farmers can obviously produce battery eggs cheaper than our farmers can produce non-battery farmed eggs. Our friend wrote the petition - he is not trying to create a situation where all egg imports are banned; just those which do not comply with the EU legislation.

If you’d like to sign, please do so here: . If you’d like to help further, please disseminate the link - he doesn’t have that many virtual contacts, so it is floundering a little at the moment.

Thanks folks!

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I’ve signed. Hope he gets plenty of support.

We get our eggs fom Riverford with our box delivery but have signed the petition.

B xx

I’ve signed, i’ll share it on facebook too.

I have signed and will share on home ed groups.

Have signed. We are lucky to get eggs from my parents hens or our friends free range ones but I hate seeing battery ones in the shops, so needless.


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Claire, Mummy to Eilidh (10) and Andrew (7)

Signed, gladly.

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