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Hi there!
I’m part of the Two Rivers Steiner kindergarten team from North Devon (near Bideford and Barnstaple). This is just a quick update on our project!

North Devon’s first Steiner inspired ecological kindergarten, providing an inspiring and pressure-free education for children. Our aim was to create a place for children to learn through working directly with nature free from the pressures of early testing. We take much inspiration from the Steiner Waldorf methods of teaching, therefore encouraging learning through play and creativity, and give equal attention to the physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs of each pupil. Much focus is put on real skills such as cooking, gardening, walking and leaning how to interact with nature. It is part of our ethos to provide an unhurried and creative learning environment where children can find the joy in learning and experience the richness of childhood rather than early specialisation or academic hot-housing.

The Two Rivers site is based at the far end of the Tapeley Park in North Devon. A beautiful chunk of woodland is home to our large insulated Yurt which is the classroom, complete with wood-burning stove and integral oven; two composting toilets; a kitchen; first aid shed; play area with sand pits and a large space which will be the vegetable and fruit garden. We are working towards making our project an example of off grid practices. In these challenging times we believe it’s even more important to teach children, and adults, how to function and flourish in the natural world without exhausting it. 

The children have been exploring the woods every day with Stephanie and Harriet, coming back full of tales and songs! It’s such a beautiful place.
We have been struggling with advertising and getting people to know about us - particularly due to the lack of financial resources. If anybody here has any good ideas on how to get the word out there - please let me know. We can do with all the help we can get!!

Thank you!
love Frances

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Could you ask The Green Parent magazine to publish an article on your school? Sara x

Mum to two boys, Roan (Nov 08) and Jude (Oct 11) and a little girl, Amalie (Jan 14). Trying to parent as gently and lovingly as I can.


How about stalls at local events?

Pilton Green Man festival, bideford and Barnie market, country shows, drop leaflets into the Boston Tea Party and vegetarian cafe in Barnie, adverts/leaflets in Cool in cloth shop in Barnie, leaflets in local libraries.
The childrens centres in bideford, barnstaple and torrington are very busy and would get your info to your target audience. Tapely used to hold a festival once a year if it does still, a few children doing what you usually do or running kids activities for the festival would be great advertising.

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