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I’ve been using Faith in Nature shampoo & conditioner for over a year now as it is the only shampoo brand my local health store stocks.  I’ve recently moved house & our water is extremely hard here.  My hair is very thick & I have always found using Faith in Nature left my hair feeling dry but now it is a hell of a lot worse.  Last week, I robbed some of my non-green sister’s shampoo & my hair is very soft using it but I really don’t want to use conventional shampoo & conditioner.  What do use on your hair?

mom to 2 girls age 8 & 3

hard water seems to have higher levels of alkali minerals which stops soaps from foaming, the reason your sister’s shampoo worked is because these companies add ingredients to deal with hard water. why not try rinsing your hair with a mild acid such as apple cider vinegar which is supposed to help condition it . give it a try many people use this method of conditioning after using bicarb to wash there hair but i don’t think washing your hair in bicarb with hard water goes well so I’ve heard. try the vinegar after shampooing it,if it doesn’t work i use Simple shampoo and conditioner it’s not green but it has fewer chemicals in it.good look and hope it helped love Caren xx wink

Caren x

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Have you tried the Naked range? Boots stock it and seem quite natural compared to some.

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I use the Naked conditioner which is great, but never got on with the shampoo, it left my hair feeling flat and dull?
I’m still looking for perfect shampoo too, as I find Faith in Nature quite drying too, live in hard water area.

we have very hard water so i splash out on john masters - wonderful stuff!

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I bought the naked kids for dd but her hair was unbrushable afterwards, absolutely filled with static! We live in a chalky water area (is that hard water?), and use Faith in Nature or Green People. Only two of the Faith ones seem to suit our water though so we stick to Hemp and Meadowfoam or Lavender and Geranium. I have a friend who lives close by and swears by Jason. Trouble is it’ll cost a fortune to try them all and see what works - maybe email a few companies and ask for some samples?

Which Faith in Nature do you use?  I live in a hard water area and find that it’s ok.  I have the Aloe Vera and the Rosemary and have very thick hair (have started making my own hair clips as the shop ones never fit).  They do different sorts for different sorts of hair.  I find ebay is a good place to get different ones and now buy the 5 litre bottles to decant.

Hello,we all use weleda body and hair for babies,but when I don’t use that I condition with coconut oil and that leaves it lovely x

faith in nature here too, i use the teatree shampoo and conditioner but i also have used the jojoba (sp?) one and that is not too harsh either, we get the tea tree one as it seems to stop[ the girls (age 7 and 4) from getting nits from school!!!
I can recommend any of the neals yard shampoos for dry hair but they are v v expensive so i usuallyu ask for this for a birthday or christmas etc!!  our ‘larger’ family blog!!

Thanks for all the replies.  The local health shop can be a bit hit & miss about re-stocking so I generally just buy what they have in stock.  If I had a choice, I would buy the lavender & geranium as I have found that the best on my hair, I’ve never seen the hemp & meadowfoam one there but will definitely buy a bottle next time I’m at the organic co-op in the city.  The jojoba one wasn’t great on my hair.  At the moment, they have the chocolate one which is horrendous.  Will have a look on e-bay & see if I can get a good deal on some shampoo

mom to 2 girls age 8 & 3

FiN Hemp and meadowfoam here. I don’t find it drying at all but then I have very greasy hair and need to wash every day.

I’ve just begun washing my hair in bicarb and so far so good.  I use a pea sized amount of conditioner to detangle before the final rinse.  For the kids I’ve used Weleda baby or the coconut shampoo from Tantrum.


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Faith in Nature lavender and geranium here too. The aloe vera one made my hair feel horrible though :(

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I was using the Faith In Nature Tea Tree products and then moved to the Neem, now I have switched to Lavera Sensitive because their Honey and Almond conditioner is just lovely and my hair is much less greasy than it was.  When I order from online places I often get samples through, I’m sure it would be possible to request some in advance of making an order (as in, pay £5 to be sent some samples and then get that refunded off a subsequent order)?


I love FIN Lavender and Geranium, I did use the Neem one on DD’s hair but it was too drying, the Lavender and Geranium leaves it soft and shiny, and I make up a detangle spray too using the conditioner topped with water, in a spray bottle smile


I’ve gone back to head and shoulders.  I suffer from itchy flakey scalp and have not had any luck with any of the other more natural brands… scalp still itches after shampooing… but doesn’t when I use H&S.
I do only wash my hair once a week though. 

I did use to do the bicarb and vinegar, but as I like in East Kent the water here is hard, hard, hard and it wasn’t working very well.  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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