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Does anyone know how I can recycle these. I have things such as a old stereo, portable dvd player, coffee maker and various other small items. They either don’t work or I no longer have use for them. I thought the local dump would recycle them but apparently they only recycle certain things like tv’s so if I leave them there I am guessing they will go to landfill. The local charity shops won’t take them due to do with health and safety and having to test electrical items.

Freecycle or Realcycle or freegle- whatever your local network is

You can give away the broken ones for parts or tinkering too- as long as you make clear that it is not functioning..

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Type your postcode into Recycle Now and you’ll find the nearest place…

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Don’t oxfam sometimes repair electrical items and test them before sale? Perhaps you don’t have one of those near you?

Some shops will take them. Our local PDSA does and also, if you have a BHF furniture shop near you, they take electricals.

we have several furniture projects near us and they sometimes takes working electrical products

mummyk x

happy mummy at last to DD born March 2006..and DS born sept 2007..wonderful fabulous gifts. living as green as possible but always striving to be better!home edding and loving it!

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