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Looking for a cool wrap for hot weather, and am stuck between a calin bleu gauze, an Ellaroo, and Wrapsody Bali Breeze. The bali breezes have some REALLY lovely designs (got my eye on the Freya!), but the reviews seem to agree that a new one is very hard to break in and make soft. Can’t find that much out about the Ellaroos or calin bleus other than they seem to be popular too.
Anyone help me out with which is more lightweight, or is there not much in it???

I use a Calin Bleu cotton voile sling…. after only using much thicker wraps it felt flimsy and made me gulp a little, but oh my!  Daisy was soooo much more comfortable in the teeny tiny little summer we had last year.

She was 1 last year, so I’ve no idea whether it’ll be good for the robust little toddler dumpling that I haul around now, but it was fab when I was using it.  I liked the plain colours too, as many of my summer dresses are printed, and I feel a bit like I’ve been in the dressing up box with too many contrasting patterns and colours.  I know that’s not going to be a concern to everyone, but I have moments of being ridiculously vain about that sort of thing (although too look at my jeans and not-this-years-vintage cardy as I’m writing no-one’d believe it.  Ever. !!!)

I can’t comment on the other slings you mentioned…. the Calin’s the only one I used.

Imi x

Calin is cooler than Ellaroo, but it is also less supportive (generally the thinner a wrap is the more it ‘digs’). I have used all three, my fave overall would be the BB, they are a little stiff at first I agree, but I found mine softened OK. Ellaroo is more like a slightly thin woven. Calin Bleu is really thin but very soft.

BB is the only wrap I won now and I will be keeping it for things like wild ‘swimming’ in rivers and lakes this year with Solly. (by swimming I mean wading/paddling etc!). Also lovely I find for rucsac carries as there is so little fabric over us both then if it is really hot.

purplecavingcat why do you like the BB better than the calin? Is it more comfortable, or just the prints?

I love my ellaroo (which was Purplecavingcat’s! Thanks Rachel - looking forward to using it with new babe wink.
I had a BB but ended up selling it to a friend as i never reached for it. The design was gorgeous but it was quite rough and stiff in comparison (and I didn’t buy it new either).
I have noticed that she uses other slings in preference now too as her collection has widened.
But that could have been just the one I had. smile

Laura x


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There’s not much between them, with ellaroo being slightly thicker, and cb probably being the thinnest.  They are all gauze wraps, rather than german style wovens. 
I have a cb and a bb.

I’ve had/have all 3.
The CB and BB are both gauze/muslin wraps and are fairly similar in wrapping, although the CB softens up more easily
I prefer the BB more, although that’s partly because of the colours/design LOL

Ellaroo I love the colours, but not fussed on how it wraps (doesn’t have the moldability and diagonal stretch of a Woven, it’s more like a thicker Gauze), or the fringes (although you can get them with no fringe).

There’s Wovens that are as thin or almost as thin as an Ellaroo, most are more supportive too, but they’re more expensive eg Ellevill Zara, Vatanai and some Didymos blends

Naturalmamas FSOT boards is great for preloved slings

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