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Does anyone have any experience of babywearing while walking the dog (on lead)?
Let’s say the dog sees a cat/squirrel or whatever and jumps towards it. The lead tugs and pulls you forward (not falling, but a sharp movement). Would you say there could be a risk of baby getting injured (the neck?) or ‘traumatised’ in any way?

Also, do you find that babywearing affects your balance? I am assuming you feel a bit more top heavy when babywearing?

I’m basically trying to figure out if babywearing can be safely combined with holding the dog lead.


I walk two dogs daily (boxer foxhound cross and generic black ‘thing’!) the boxer cross is very strong and pulls a fair bit - he especially likes squirrels! I wore dd1 for nearly 4 years and now dd2 and never had a problem. With tinies I make sure their head is tucked into the sling and found that as they get older you automatically support their neck if you get jerked. I’ve never found balance a problem. I certainly feel happier with them in a sling than a push chair which could run away from you (we live in very hilly north Devon!)

I should have added that dd1 developed a very strong neck early on because of being in the sling most of the time and being used to me moving around which helped. She tended to sleep a lot when I walked so I could just tuck her head in too. I think you’ll find that you just adapt to it almost without realising!

Brilliant! Thank you very much! Sounds good.
The only thing I am still a bit concerned about is my dog getting attacked by another dog. It doesn’t happen often but it has happened 4 times in 3 years, and only the other day we were ‘stalked’ by a super friendly but absolutely ginormous dog and my own was quite scared of it so went into growl mode which is never a good thing with two males.
I couldn’t keep them apart and it escalated, but thankfully the other dog was quite obedient and eventually it sat and stayed when I told it to. I got them both to sit and stay until the other owner came back.
That sort of thing would terrify me if I had a baby in a sling, but I suppose everything in life is potentially dangerous….!
I think what makes me worry a little bit is that I once got bitten quite seriously when breaking up a dog fight.
I have to add that my dog is not at all aggressive, but if he is attacked he will defend himself.

Well, I suppose I am only trying to convince myself that babywearing and dog walking would be no problem:-)


Hello,I am very weary about taking our Friday who’s a 5 year old boxer whikst carrying dd2 when dd1 is walking with us toio as I know I’ve got 2 hold her hand too.I tend to stick to going on quieter walks as Friday is bonkers for other dogs and is very strong .i wouldn’t worry about lo head as you can tuck it in or support it with your hand.she us a softy,all be it a determined one so I think if she was to pull me too much I would have to let go of the lead and chase after her.but this hasn’t happened yet!dont worry too much x z

Thank you lottian:-)
I’ll stop worrying:-D

Maybe I’ll just need to keep a continuous supply of top treats in my pocket. Distraction is everything:-D
(well, with dogs anyway…)


Perhaps you could use a Halti collar on the dog? It’s not a muzzle, and it doesn’t hurt their face in any way, it just closes their mouth and turns their head to the side if they pull, as the lead fastens under their mouth, so they don’t pull wearing one and may make it safer for baby whilst you are babywearing?
For me it had the added benefit of appearing that my dog was vicious and was wearing a muzzle even though it wouldn’t stop him biting at all! But I felt safer walking him with it on, as many people looked a bit wary of him when he wore it!

Hi, thank you for the advice:-)
I tried using a Halti when we first got our dog, because he was not used to walking on the lead so pulled a lot.
It work fine until one day when a horse and rider trotted past us, my dog suddenly took off and ran after the horse, and I happened to be at a 45 degree angle rather than behind the dog. The result was that the Halti gave him a sideways whiplash instead of a backwards pull on the head. I was convinced he had got a serious neck injury but incredibly he was ok. Never used the Halti again, though. Shame, because it worked well otherwise.


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