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Looking for a lightweight woven wrap that will be cooler to wear in the summer (maybe getting optimistic after this weekend smile ). I thought a bali breeze would be good, cool to wear and spoilt for choice on the prints, but concerned the gauze material will create uncomfortable pressure points with a 9 month old (21 lb a month ago). Have heard vatanai wovens are cotton so more supportive than gauze but good for hot weather. Exactly how lightweight are they? I don’t want to get another wrap to find it’s not much of a difference. I currently have a storch which is wonderfully supportive but thick.
Ideally I guess I want to hear that bali breezes or other gauze like calin bleu are comfy to wear with babies long past newborn weight.

Alternatively might consider a different kind of sling altogether if wovens and hot weather just don’t mix! Babywearers with summer experience needed!

I loved my Bali Breeze.  I never really noticed pressure points and it was very much lighter than the heavy wraps like a storche.  It was only once DD was too big to wear on my front that it got put away, as I never mastered wearing her on my back.  Had her on my front until she was about 18 months at least.

I only used my gauze wraps with babies past nine months or so (when I could no longer wear my favourite stretchy as comfortably).  They were fine for me up to toddlerhood - not comfortable for an entire day of hiking with a two year old or anything wink but otherwise great.  In my experience you just learn to wrap better - and wrapping with super thick squishy wraps can make you lazy about getting the fabric spread right!

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HELLOi haven’t got either of these but am considering a bara barn for summer as dd2 is nearly walking .last year we had a couple of very sweaty days in our moby!x

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