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We’re going walking in the Dales next weekend and DH and are ‘debating’ wink which carry to use. We’ve tried the Ergo Baby on DH’s back tonight and our DD loved it, however my DH would really like to use the rucksack style carry (the one with the metal foot rest - looks like a ruck sack but is for carrrying children) - It’s called a Kiddy Carry and was bought for us so that we could go hill walking with our DD.

The debate…the safety instructions on the Kiddy Carry say ‘only for children who are capable of sitting on their own/minimm weight of child 16lbs, minimum size 70cm - our little one is six months, she can sit but still falls over at this stage, weighs about 15lbs 3ozs and is definitely not 70cm - you can see that I don’t think we should use it.

That said, we tried it out in the garden tonight and again our DD loved it - she was smiling and laughing and so I’m wondering if I’m being a bit of a spoil-sport.  She did seem very secure in it but I’m one of these people who read instructions and stick to them so would appreciate your opinions.

For those of you who have used the Ergo - how long have you walked with your LO’s in it - 2, 3 hours?  And what do you do for sun protection of your LO’s hands if the sun is particularly strong?

Many thanks in advance, Jen x

I went walking round Wales with dd at about 6 months in a patapum (similar to ergo) for hours and was very happy. I had her on my front tho as she was only diddy smile Haven’t been out in ergo when super hot so not sure :/

Personally, I wouldn’t want to use the Kiddy for long periods of time - it says you need to give your child regular breaks *to ensure good blood circulation*, so it sounds like it might not be so comfy for a little one! I have friends who definitely use Ergos for upwards of 2 hr stints with no trouble at all, and I just use sun cream and big hats if my little ones are spending large portions of sunny days in the sling.

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So long as the arm/chest straps are snug on the rucksack I’d say use that, if that’s what the person carrying is going to be happiest with. Being able to put a child down in one of those can be a god send on a long hike, when you want to stop for a bit and child has fallen asleep - assume it has some sort of forehead rest? Also there is space for him to carry other stuff so you won’t HAVE to carry eveything else wink

I have used Ergos for long periods in the mountains, as has my OH, but yes you really do have to think about the sun (is there a problem with using suncream on you LO?). Either can make your back a bit sweaty if you’re doing serious tramping but only the Ergo will leave babe covered in your sweat too, which is not a good look…

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My deciding factor would be what position the other carrier holds your LO’s legs in. If it has optimal positioning for her hips, and she seems secure in it, then go for it smile

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I would conceder the hip position of the framed carrier.
as for sun protection a good hat and some cool trousers that are much longer than needed to cover feet.
I have carried with and ergo for long periods without problem

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Ladies, once again thank you very much for sharing your advice and experience of both carrying methods. 

We’re going to take both with us and try them out on short walks early in the morning as the weather looks like it’s going to be 23 degrees!  Our DD isn’t yet six months and so I was a bit loath to use sun tan cream just yet.  She’s also has a tendency to overheat so we’ll have to think about the heat coming down on her back) many things to learn when you’re a new Mum smile

Many thanks once again, Jen x

I carried Rye in a funky mei tai for hours and hours during faery festivals and the like.
I do like the mei tais because the open sides do mean they offer some ventilation, the leg positioning is good and long sleeves and trousers with a hat that fastens under the chin (I prefer legionaire type hats so the neck is protected too) too.

My friend’s husband however does like using the rucksac type baby carrier, and I must admit that he can take it off and baby still be in it, while he sits down (can sit with a mei tai but if back carrying it can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes) had a coffee etc…. but at the same time, I use to just take Rye off my back, and let him have a crawl/toddle around, give him some a drink/breastfeed etc.
And it is actually easier with 2 when using a carrier for a long time, because the other person can see the child much easier and say if the child needs a break.

Honestly Rye mostly slept whenever I wore him.

One thing to bear in mind, you can burn through clothes, so ti might be worth investing in some of that clothing that has a 50+ sun factor if you do not wish to use sun creams at all.
Oh and a brolly can be great for keeping you both in shade too!  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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Thanks Joxy especially for the tip about the clothes, I’ll defintiely look into that as well x

me and DH used a back pack thingy for DD1 (who is now 7) and when she fell asleep she was swinging around as its not that supportive from the shoulders up!
I would definately go with the ergo as we have been on a very long hike on dartmore with DS” in this for 5 house and he was much better supported and i carried him the whole way and was fine too.
Kim x  our ‘larger’ family blog!!

Thanks Kim for your input as well, very much appreciated, now enjoying the Ergo as well x

Jenmct - 01 June 2012 10:49 AM

Thanks Kim for your input as well, very much appreciated, now enjoying the Ergo as well x

yay- i love ergo’s
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