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Walking back from the park today with all three pixies, dd3 was in the pushchair (which had been full of eBay parcels on the way in!) and dd1 (4) said she was tired, so I popped her in the mei tai on my back.

Wow, how effortless does a mei tai make carrying a 4 year old!! Can’t believe I’ve never tried carrying the big pixies in it before! (well, I guess I always have the littlest on my back).

Anyone else carry big pixies?

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Up until a few months ago when ds (now 2) became caryable again after a period of hating it I regularly carried dd (now 4) and she loves to be carried smile
I also used tot andom but only untill ds became uncooperative lol, I have used a scarf to tie her under her bum for an impromptu carry or the connecta.


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We use ours mei tai for our 3 year old. smile He love it!

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We (well, just DH, now that I’m pregnant) still carry our 3-year-old in a woven wrap, believe it or not, in a front carry!  It’s what she loves best and always asks for; we have a mei tai too but for her nightly pre-bedtime walk with DH she always wants to go in the wrap.  I think it’s great to wear/carry them for as long as you and they are happy!

my chunky 3 year old feel asleep in diddymos a few weeks ago on a walk through town !

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
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I’ve occasionally carried DD1 up til she was about 4. DS (2 3/4) gets carries sometimes still, but I mostly carry DD2. I have no pram though

It’s lovely so many still carry big pixies. It felt so lovely carrying DD1, made me wish I could do it more often, and for DD2 too, but I usually go out without the pushchair and as DD3 isn’t walking yet that’s not an option, unless I start using the pushchair more regularly. Wish I could carry them all at once, lol!

Mummy to 4 little pixies: Seren (feb 08), Merri (may 09), Nerys (june 11) & Lyra (April 13) My sister’s amazing bead shop

How odd, I was thinking about this at the weekend.  I carried my 5.5 year old daughter home from a friend’s house late on Saturday evening.  I took the ring sling with me and just popped her in when it was time to leave.  She had been asleep for hours so just put her thumb in her mouth and snuggled up again.  We jumped on the train for one stop and then she was home in bed.  It was easy to carry her but it did make me laugh that her feet were dangling down by my knees!

I miss carrying a baby :(

Still carry my four-year-old reasonably regularly. :o) Mei tai is the carrier of choice here, too.


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I love to carry ds but it does me in now as I’m hypermobile and I turn my ankles too regularly just walking ony own! Carried dd the other day who is about 14kg and fell as my ankle went, back has gone again as a result :-( gutted as love them close!

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I borrowed a friend’s Ellaroo to carry my (then) 6 year old at the GP meet last year, perfect for those times when they’re feeling disconnected and running riot. 45 minutes in that and he was right as rain again. 5 months later I bought my own and also a Patapum and have to say that whilst I long to be bonded with my Ellaroo my Patapum gets the most use with Ruby and I smile

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