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Hi mamas,

I’ve been using this sling with Ella and both really liked it. I started using the ‘cradling’ position but now she’s a bit bigger she prefers to be upright unless sleepy. So I’ve tried the upright position where she is facing me. The problem I’m having is she won’t keep her head in the sling so it is supported (cos she wants to look around) but her head is still a bit wobbly for being unsupported. Any advice on this?

Also how do you protect them from the sun? The smallest sun hat we have is still so big that it constantly needs adjusting so as not to cover her face and keeps blowing off!

Thank you, Charlotte x

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Can’t help you with the head thing - we never supported heads, so both of mine just wobbled about until they got (very early!) head control! The sun though - we use a bandana instead - just a square of cotton tied round their head - the dangly bits protect their necks and as it’s tied on they can’t remove it!

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I have a really tiny sunhat I can mail you if you want to try it.  smile  Generally we prefer stretchy jersey hats instead even in hot weather, or for babies I really can’t keep a hat on I stay in the shade or carry a parasol.  smile

We don’t support heads either.  All of my babies have preferred to tip their heads back.  They cry if they aren’t comfortable, and I help them out by putting a hand behind their heads when they do that.  If you pull your top rails up nice and high they can’t flop back far enough to accidentally hurt themselves, it’s just a matter of listening to their cues as to what *they* find comfortable.  They sleep happily in some very odd looking positions!  xxx

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Thanks for the replies! ok so seems it’s alright for her head to be unsupported if she’s comfortable? I was worried it would damage her as it says in the instructions they shouldn’t be upright with no head support til 4 months.  Her neck is pretty strong though, when on her tummy she can hold it up for quite a while now.  Thank you for the offer of the hat, Sarah - that would be great as Ella does have a very tiny head! Will pm you smile

Charlotte x

Home-Edding, BFing, Co-sleeping, Carrying & Cloth-nappying Gentle Mama to Lovely Leo (Apr 07) and Beautiful Ella (Mar 12)

You could get a muslin and roll it up around her neck.  You can use fabric from the sling to roll round it to secure it.  But if she is happy to keep her head up she will be strong enough to hold it up for general walking around.

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