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I am expecting at the moment I would like to get a sling that is easy to breastfeed in. I want to be able to use it from birth as well, I wanted to try stretchy wray as they look so secure and comfy but wondered if I could breastfeed with baby in it. Any suggestions?

I breast feed mine in an ergo.It works perfectly and there is a flap you can pop up to be discrete. But I must say I havent tried in any others so cant really be of much help-sorry.x

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I breastfed in a stretchy and a mei tai, equally well. I didn’t use the mei tai from birth though so I can’t comment on feedin a newborn in one, but the stretchy was great for feeding in from birth.Could never get the hang of feeding in a ring sling, but then our babes liked to be upright in a sling so feeding was an upright thing too, couldn’t really carry a newborn upright in a ring sling wink

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Woven wraps, type Didymos; they’re the best thing ever; so versatile. Toby breasfeeds even when I walk, from the beginning; now he’s almost 5 months old. You can’t carry older babies in stretchy ones.

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I’ve nursed in a woven, stretchy and a mei-tai - all work fine ! smile

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Woven or stretchy wrap for sure. There’s a special way of tying it which I found on youtube that made is so much easier to let him tip his head back into the right position

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I’ve bf in a woven wrap and a meitai smile

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I think it very much depends on the position your baby likes to be carried in and the size and, ahem, stretchiness of your breasts. In my experience there is no one sling that is easier for everyone to feed in, just as there is no one sling that all babies prefer.

Liz grin x

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Wraps (stretchy and woven) and Ring slings tend to be the most popular for bfing a newborn in.

Partly because of their versatility, you can bf tummy-tummy and cradle

I (and my bubs) preferred to bf tummy-tummy in a sling

Lots of great vids on youtube demonstrating different ways to feed bubs in different slings. And slingmeets/slinglibraries are great places to try different slings to see what you and bubs prefer

Thanks lovely ladies for all your advice!

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