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I was walking along in my own little dream world earlier with Vince in a wrap (front cross carry), when an elderly lady stopped and said ‘It must feel lovely having your baby so close to you like that’.  I said ‘yes, and he loves it too’.  She said ‘well of course he does, it’s natural isn’t it’.  I was so chuffed, I guess hearing it from someone older with years of wisdom was very meaningful.  She must’ve been in her 80’s with white hair in a scruffy bun, trousers and a beige gingham shirt - not your average 80 year old.  I’d love to have known her life story. grin

Mum to Rudy (2005), Sid (2006) and Vincent (2012)
Trying my hardest to raise kind, loving and helpful boys.

She sounds like my dh’s nan (You’re not in Settle are you tongue laugh ) Lovely to have such compliments, and thank you I am having a rubbish day where I keep saying “if only I could put you down for 2 minutes!” and you have reminded me how awesome it is xxx

Awe I hope your day gets better.  Mine’s a bit all over the place too.  I can’t seem to concentrate on anyone thing and the house is upside down.  My mum has just arrived from London and I’m in no way prepared!

But, my baby is fed and happily tucked up asleep against my chest, happy as can be!  It’s a wonderful thing and getting stuff done can just wait!

N x

Mum to Rudy (2005), Sid (2006) and Vincent (2012)
Trying my hardest to raise kind, loving and helpful boys.

Ahhh, that’s beautiful - thank you for sharing your uplifting story smile

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