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downer I’ve got a sakura bloom linen ring sling. I love it to pieces and have done legs in til now. Ds2 is getting too stretchy for legs in. But i can’t get the rs right and it always cuts into his legs. No matter how high up his knees are. Help!

Can you get along to a sling meet? As unless someone sees it in person all the help/advice in the world might not make a difference where as it may be one very simple thing to put right smile

Hope you sort it, I miss a ring sling and used them a lot with Alice but Saule just sees it as a step up to get out lol

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Bunch more of the fabric up under his knees?  And try putting him in babylegs, if his trousers are riding up and letting the edge of the sling rub on his skin.

That’s all I can think of…  Do you have anyone local, a sling meet or something?  xxx

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