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So, we have just bought our tickets and a friend is lending us their bell tent so we are all very excited. Apart from general camping stuff is there anything special we need to take? Any tips?

Jealous! We’d love to go, but my husband can’t camp, and we can’t afford the tickets right now, let alone hire a caravan! Have fun!

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Ooh, so jealous! Really, really wanted to go this year, and it’s not oo much of a journey either. Completely impossible though due to an important family event at the same time, something that can’t be changed…..
Have fun and please share how how it goes.

Becks xx

We went last year.  I enjoyed it, although they did have a few teething problems with the camping facilities- ie no water!  However this year they have moved site.

I’d say get there as soon as the festival starts- last year there was lots of activities on the Friday.

We are going for the day on Saturday. Have been for the last two years and absolutely love it xxx

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We’re going grin  had a whale of a time last year. Food was very expensive, and activities with limited numbers would often be full 15 mins before the start, so get in quick for those.

See you there grin

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Hello- why are you looking on here when you should be packing for tomorrow!!!!!
If you are going, look out for us- we are there all weekend, I’ll be wearing my party dress or my German barmaid outfit (well, if you own one it’s a waste not to where it!) and we will all have foxes tails on(again, if you own one it’s a waste not to where it!) , please say “hello”, I can’t imagine you’ll confuse me with anyone else!!!!!
Gill, DH, Tomas and Emily

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