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Can anyone recommend a reputable website to buy an ergo from?

there are a few on eBay at the moment
I bought mine from John Lewis but loads of places sell them

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a daughter 8 years ,
and always in my heart my angel xx

I wouldn’t touch any on ebay!  Natural nursery is a legit retailer.

Thanks. I did a search but most of the websites were selling fake ergos. Lots of fakes on ebay too. I will have a look at natural nursery.

They’ve got them on Amazon (cheaper than the Natural Nursery website)....sorry

Use the code FRIEND or DEVON to get 10% off at Natural Nursery smile

Claire xx

Google SaSa Slings - she was interviewed in GP magazine not that long ago and I can recommend her personally as she only lives down the road from me. Have bought an EllaRoo and a Patapum (is there really that much difference between this and an Ergo? I LOVE my Patapum and it was about £40-£50 last year) from her and am very VERY happy with the service she provides :D

Adventures of a Little Roo

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They love you, relax into that

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