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Can anybody recommend a basic book about paganism, covering all the basic essentials? It has interested me for a while and I’d like to have a real ( non google ) reference to look to .

Thanks in advance.


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Pagan in the city is pretty good. I’ve recently accquired circle round which is fantastic too. Daughters of the earth is a good one but more goddess based. X

Pagan Paths by Pete Jennings is a good all rounder.  It covers the basics of most of the pagan traditions (Wicca, Druidry, etc) and is reasonably impartial.

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I really like Glennie Kindred’s Sacred Celebrations. She deals with the Sabbats - the eight pagan festivals of the year - gives a good background to each as well as plenty of ideas for celebrating and marking them. It’s clear and accessible and a good introduction I think to living closer to the earth and it’s rhythms.

The Modern Pagan by Brian Day is brilliant - it gives some history and background and applies pagan values to modern living.  I found it inspirational and exciting and made me realise how miuch more can be fitted into our modern living which might sometimes seem quite removed from old ways.  Much love X

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Just seen this, Glennie Kindred, Brian Day, Carole Carlton, Silja, Cassandra Eason,

For a quick look online: Carole Carlton

Glennie Kindred I always end up going back to for anything and everything!
L xx

I would agree with Modern Pagan by Brian day if you’re interested in themore down to earth, living.  if its the reigion you’re interested in, I’m partial to the classics:  anything by Doreen valiente or Starhawk.

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