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Ever since the lovely Heggle posted about carrying her eldest in a sling, ( I’ve been thinking about it. I knew nothing of slings when DS was smaller so he’s never been carried in one, but these days we’re walking so much further, I don’t have a car so we walk/use public transport to get out during the week, and on DH’s days off we’re making more of an effort to get into the wilds, lots of walking again. And DS’ little legs don’t always carry him as far as we want to go, though he does do very well.

Anyway, which would be the best sling do you think - bearing in mind I have absolutely no idea of the myriad of designs that seem to be available!

I really don’t want to pay too much as a) we’re skint and b) I assume he wont be in it *that* long? Or does anyone have one for ssale?

He is 3.5 years old of average height and build.

TIA x x

Hello lovely smile I use a mei tai for the pixies. I got mine for £20 from ukbabywearingswap yahoo group. I know some people use ring slings with older ones, but I’ve never sussed out those myself (my sister has one so going to have a play next time I see her). Pity we’ve moved, as you could have triedthe mei tai :( We do also have a little life back pack which dh finds easier (he’s not very coordinated with swinging babies on your back and tying bless him). Not sure how old these go to but you can sometimes pick up a bargain on eBay. Personally though I’d go mei tai smile

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Hello hun grin £20 is what I was thinking of budget wise….brilliant! Going to have a look now! We are all poorly here with some bug or other so making the most of DS catching up on some sleep and doing some jobs…perhaps I should be resting too wink

Oh bless, hope you are feeling more energised soon- make sure you do rest as well! If you can’t find the yahoo group pm me your email and I’ll forward the latest email from them smile

Mummy to 4 little pixies: Seren (feb 08), Merri (may 09), Nerys (june 11) & Lyra (April 13) My sister’s amazing bead shop

aw thank you, have just found it and an ‘awaiting approval’ to join wink x x

I use a Freedom Sling. I can still fit my 4 year old in it. She can sit on my hip or can twist onto my back.

I cant remember how much i paid for it, but i’ve just done a quick look on ebay and they are selling them quite cheap.

You’d be hard pushed to find a mei tai wide enough for a 3 yo for £20.  If the base is too narrow neither of you will be very comfy. If it’s just for short carries then a ring sling could be within that budget.  There is a facebook group called slings and things which quite good.

And also naturalmamas FSOT
Also put out an ISO (in search of)

Go to a slingmeets/Slinglibraries or similar and try on different slings, see what you prefer. There’s so many different slings available.
Most people prefer to carry bigger kids in slings that go over 2 shoulders and can go on their back eg Mei Tai, Woven Wrap, SSC, Half Buckle, Podegi
If there’s none near you, some will hire out slings nationally

For a good quality, supportive 2nd hand sling suitable for a toddler+ are quite rare for £20
£40 is probably a more realistic budget

Be careful of eBay and amazon, there’s a few fakes on there, and new cheap slings tend to be poor quality

Alternatively you could make your own, eg
And the DIY forum on naturalmamas

I have a rose and rebellion pre-school/toddler buckle carrier which is great….stopped liking mei tais as much once he was walking a lot as the long straps hanging around became a bit of a nuisance, they are not cheap though about £70 from memory but you can get them second hand?

lucy x

I think you will find it hard to start carrying a 3 year old. Your body gets stronger gradually as your baby gets bigger gradually. Before you spend any money I would seriously borrow one to try first.

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Thank you all for your responses….hadn’t thought that it might be difficult to start now….but I carry him anyway it’s just I will be using different muscles, and my arms might stop scraping the floor! Kerry thanks for those links, I’ve heard people mention sling meets but have never seen one advertised around here…will have a little nosy. I showed ds some pics online and he said he wouldn’t go in one, so I guess that’s problem solved! x x

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