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Thinking of getting a mei-tai type of carrier, I have only used woven wraps and sometimes find the tying awkward on a rainy day in a wet carpark - don’t want to get those tails wet!
So, as I’m sure a lot of wet weather will soon be upon us!...anyone any experience of either?
The only carrier I have used that had buckles didn’t sit on me right. I am quite skinny and even tightened as far as it would go it was loose on me, so maybe I’d have the same problem with any buckle carrier ie Connecta?
I like the idea of padded shoulder straps so maybe a Kozy would be good, though as this has tails to tie I might end up having the same problem as a wrap?
How wide are these carriers at the bottom, bit put off that they are suitable from birth, I am thinking they might not be wide enough for the longer legs of a +1 year old…
Any experience of mei tais and soft structured carriers much appreciated, complete novice.

typing quickly as limpet baby on the rampage but Kozy carrier is the most comfy sling I’ve ever used - and I’ve used a few! I must admit that through laziness, I keep the ergo in the car for my nearly 2 year old but the Kozy is my favourite. It’s plenty wide enough, really well padded and lovely to wear - and gorgeous patterns too! A lady local to me sells them - she’s lovely!

Never tried a connecta though smile


Claire xx

I love my connecta, can’t rate it highly enough.
I carried ds from birth and can still carry my 4 year old.

Back or front carries are both comfy, the straps are padded and I lve that the waist band isn’t, tried an ergo once and I couldn’t get on with it, so much padding on the waist band really made it uncomfortable, I couldn’t even sit down properly with a front carry.

I got mine custom made with my own fabric, the service was excellant and fast.

Good luck with choosing

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I also have a connecta, and love it. Can carry both the children in it easily, front and back. WhenDD was small it was so comfy on my front, much more than my wrap style I had as it can be tightened up really nicely.

I also had a custom one made - approx £60, but figured it’s lasted 2 children and is still in brilliant condition. The sleep hood/flap is good too. HTH smile

smile Mummy to DS born March 08 and DD born July 2010 smile

GP Lets No 119

Do you have any slingmeets or slinglibraries near to you. Ideally it’s best to try different SSC’s first, especially if you’re quite slim.
Some will hire out nationally

i couldn’t get the Connecta straps tight enough for me. Similarly with Manduca and Ergo
A Beco Butterfly fits me, but I don’t like the internal panel and it’s not so great for older toddlers (panel too narrow)
I’ve heard good things about Kinderpack too
You can get custom made carriers done with petite length straps eg Rose & Rebellion, Madame Googoo

DP has a Kozy and it’s ok for me. I prefer to wrap though.

You can learn to tie the wrap and Mei Tai straps, so it doesn’t go on the ground, eg using pockets, waistbands, in car, on a seat etc.

Alternatively a shorter length Woven Wrap.

With a Kozy or Connecta, you can use from newborn by having bubs legs froggied inside, or by cinching in the panel to make it narrower for legs out.

I’ll have a look at the Kozys.
Any idea what length woven wrap would work being of slimmer build if you have the same problem newmami? I have 4.6m ones which, doing a FWCC, they go around the back, then back round to the front where I tie and then they don’t have any long tails which I’m not keen on. With a rucksack carry they come round, then round to the back and I tie again at the front so it ends up being wound around me 3 times!

I usually prefer short tails too.
4.2m (size 5) for FWCC, will be plenty. You might possibly get away with a size 4/3.7m
How much length do you have left if you tie it at your back?

For Ruck tied in front a size 3/3.2m
Or possibly a size 2/2.7m
I can just eke out a Ruck TIF with a 2.6m

It also depends on the tapers of the wrap and how elongated they are. Longer/more elongated tapers like Ellevill’s and Vatanai’s you might prefer the next size up

Have you tried doing other back carries eg Double Hammock, Jordan’s Back Carry, Reinforced Ruck, Secure High Back Carry? They all require mid-long length wraps,

I can’t get my little man to stay still long enough to attempt any of those other back carries!
Do you have any experience of Ellevills? I have only used Storchenwiege, Didymos and Lenny Lambs. I am not sure what to get for a shorter tailed one, I’d like a strong one with no give, the Lenny Lamb gives a bit so I don’t feel safe doing a back carry with it.
I’ll do a measure of the tails when I tie around the back. Do you tie at the back?

Also, any ideas where to look for pre-loved kozys or connectas?

the-libran - 23 September 2012 06:25 AM

I can’t get my little man to stay still long enough to attempt any of those other back carries!

If you do a back carry that involves a chest knot, it will pin him to your back long enough. SHBC, And variations of back carries that have chest belt

Yep I’ve used Ellevill’s. The Zara has less give than Jade, I haven’t tried a Lenny Lamb, but most Woven wraps. have some give across the diagonal, it’s what makes them great to wrap with. Didymos wraps especially, vary into how much the give is as they have so many different weaves and blends. The stripes and Jim’s have the least, Indio’s and Wave’s the most, and the others in between.

Ellaroo’s and Gauze wraps like Calin Bleu don’t have the diagonal stretch, but they’re also very thin wraps

Yep I tie at the back with FWCC, or at the side. With a size 4/3.7m I tie under bubs bum after I do the crosses over her back.

For preloved, naturalmamas FSOT, FB slings and things and the clothnappytree are all quite active.

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