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How about this for a debate topic, your GP that you are registered with decides that if your BMI is not in the ‘normal range’, if you drink, smoke or are on long term medication they will no longer see you ...  What are your thoughts?

I ask this as not being in a ‘normal’ BMI range my GP would not see me for a bad cough, which became a chest infection which became mild pneumonia ...  Then to add insult to 6 weeks of only being able to sleep and not function,  a letter drops through the door saying can no longer have pill as they want a cheaper long term option or even better to be on the safe side have no more kids ever and have it all taken out ...  Leaflet titled ‘Long term contraception for larger ladies’ Don’t even go there ....
After talking to others it appears many doctors surgeries have this new criteria, they only like ‘healthy’ people who fit the tick boxes, perfect weight, dont drink, dont smoke and wont cost them anything. Anyone else facing this?
Just wondering what other peoples thoughts and experiences are on this.
L xx

Wow… that is far from OK… and far from “first do no harm” too.  How very sad.  :(

I would be kicking up a fuss if it was me, because as far I can see, it is the job of the NHS to treat whoever comes to them in whatever state they arrive.  If you were returning time and time again for treatment relating to your weight, I can understand the GP directing you to other avenues (NOT refusing to see you at all), but your query was not weight related.  And that’s even without going into the wisdom of using BMI as a measure of health.  Or the idea of dictating contraceptive choices based on size.  Gosh I’m feeling really annoyed now!  :S

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Erm, slightly off topic, but I think a formal complaint that you were not seen for your bad cough, which resulted in poorer health for you and increased costs to the drs surgery and the NHS is in order.  Did they come out and say that they would not see you for a cough because you were overweight?  If so, then that sounds illegal or at the very least, highly unethical.  I’d be very surprised by this.

I feel that we should be encouraged to be healthy, not be penalised for being unhealthy.  Yes, being overweight is unhealthy, but so is being underweight - are they going to refuse to treat underweight people?  If they want only the completely healthy who do nothing to incur increased costs then they should not treat people who participate in extreme sports or those people in physical jobs or those who may become / are pregnant as this incurs increased likelihood of needing treatment.  I’ve not had this sort of treatment and have only had excellent service from my gp / practice nurse, despite at times being in the ‘obese’ category. 

The title of the pamphlet sounds pretty urgh.  What medical differences are there, that they have referenced, that justifies having a separate leaflet on the subject?  Increases in failure rate because of dosage rate to weight, increases in morbidity?  I’d like to know the statistical likelihood of such things AND exactly what studies have been done to determine the likelihood - without them then the leaflet sounds like an insulting waste of money.  It’s difficult to comment on though without seeing the leaflet.

Oh and from a feminist POV I dislike being called a ‘lady’ unless a man in a similar situation would be called a ‘gentleman’.


Would really like to rant about this too but really need to go to bed, suffice to say this is incredulous and basically I don’t see how they can do this - we don’t have a choice to pay NI contributions or not so that everyone is entitled to an NHS service. End of - surely? I hope something gets sorted for you, I’d be going to my local mp now if I were you. x x

That doesn’t sound right.  If I was you I would contact the local pals officer for your PCT (while the PCT’s are still in operation).  If you tell them your concern and that you want it looked into, they will do that for you.  It doesn’t have to be made as a formal complaint if you don’t want it to be, they are usually really helpful (I sit near the PALS officer for our trust and she’s great, and a mine of information).  To not see you because your BMI isn’t in a normal range is outrageous, I would certainly challenge that.

Hope you’re feeling better soon

I find this hard to believe. It is against the GMC code to refuse to treat a patient because of their lifestyle. My goodness, GPs would have no patients left to see if that was the case. If this happened to you then you should make a formal complaint.

Thank you! Starting to feel a freak lately with my doctors, was at hospital on Thurs and being professional they could not comment but actually said my BMI is fine anyway so should not be an issue anyway.  Last time the doctors weighed me was over 8 years ago when I joined, am very different now!!! I can sort myself out and it just worries me as many people seem to be excluded from the doctors, luckily we have a fab chemist who acts as a doctor, they said they are getting more people come to them as doctors refusing - including elderly who relied on home visits or need long term costly medication, they are being refused. Contacting PCT is fab idea as is MP so will approach them as this cannot be right. With winter coming many older and fragile members of the community are going to suffer and it just is not on just because they have tick boxes and costs to cut. Hopefully this will not become a widespread approach to healthcare and peopel will not be put at risk :/
L xx

Our 3 year old DD was removed from the doctors list last year after I refused once again to take her for her vaccinations…......... haven’t actually followed this up yet due to her not needing a GP, my pregnancy, new babe etc. Have to get on to it soon.

Becks xx

This might be of help to start you.
It has some information about GPs refusing to accept new clients and give grounds as to times when they are NOT allowed and ‘medical conditions’ and ‘appearance’ are not on there.

There’s also info on how to go about complaining.

I think the vaccination refusal and striking you off is purely finance driven Becks and not allowed at all. I’m sure you know this though, so won’t say more.

That is dreadful just because because jabs not done??? It is your right to choose yes or no. There is something very peculiar going on in the NHS.  I thought everyone had the right to a GP,that’s what we pay NI for afterall… Yet, when you need them, if they feel you don’t fit the tick boxes they will not see you? Not great but okay be awkward with us adults, but children no way - that’s disgusting removing a 3 year old, how is that in their ethics??? I really do not understand.

Interesting, saw a locum doctor and been given some medication and feel so much better in a day!
It appears the doctors I go to are planning to go private so weeding out us lowly NHS ‘plebs’ by the tickbox criteria . . . . .
Doctors ethics and conscience is all I will say, worrying.
L xx

gp’s make up there own wages by the amounts a surgery makes, it akesmoney by hitting targets such as vaccinations , clinics it holds. I think this is terrible that gp have to and are able to do this. it should be a flat rate for all. I suspect you are messing up their figures !

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I now see a different GP at the surgery who is fab and they apologised for how I was treated.  It appears the other GP is on a mission to have only well patients lol

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