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So I got a Kozy carrier due to a few recommendations from mamas out there, and not sure where to tie! Should probably check out a youtube vid as there is bound to be one, but are any particularly more comfy than others, or more supportive or does it not make a difference?
Thinking of starting with a front carry, the ties look ever so long though and not sure what you’re supposed to do with them! smile

Ok, a front carry in a mei-tai is easy! smile  tie the waist straps round your waist so that the sling hangs down like an apron, with the inside facing out (so you can see the inside of it). This provides a seat for your baby. Hold baby with legs froggied around your waist, and bring sling up over baby’s back. Lay one shoulder strap over your shoulder, then grab it with the opposite hand and tuck it under baby’s opposite leg, so that it crosses your back like a shoulder bag. Do the same thing with the other shoulder strap, so that the straps are crossed across your back, and you have two loose ends tucked under your baby’s legs. Pull one strap tight and then the other. Now, depending on how long your straps are, either tie the ends under your baby’s bottom or cross them under your baby’s bottom and pass them back under your baby’s legs and tie them just above the waist knot at the back.

Easy! wink

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yep loads of vids on youtube
And there’s also instructions on the Kozy website

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