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Today I was sent some info about this years campaign for flu vaccinations at work.  As always, it comes with pamphlets which oversimplify the pros and cons of getting your jab (well, oversimplify the pros and forget the cons).  And, as always, people are offered a free cup of tea or coffee as an incentive.  To me, the tea and coffee teeters on the edge of coercion.  However, this year a number of local companies have donated gifts and each person getting jab will be entered into a prize draw.

I think this is beyond OK.  I’m not against the jab itself per se, but I have issues with this approach. There may be targets to meet or whatever, but offering gifts for people to have their jab is, in my opinion, unethical.  But is it that bad really?  Perhaps they are just trying to encourage the people who sort of want to get it but wouldn’t otherwise bother? Your thoughts please…

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My question is what the heck are local companies doing giving prizes for getting a jab?  Surely there are charities / community groups that are more deserving causes.  If people really want to donate to the NHS, then there’s loads more useful areas in which they could use them.  That is very odd.

As for the bribery aspect, yep, it is, but as ‘they’ see jabs as purely good, then ‘encouraging’ people to do something that is good for them and their society is therefore the right thing to do.  I don’t agree, but when people are so into a certain mindset then they really can’t see outside that box.  I’m afraid I used to get annoyed about it and tried to make a noise, now I am too weary of banging my head off closed doors - I use my energy where I have a chance of it working - maybe that’s defeatist / pathetic, but otherwise I get so disheartened, so I just sigh, shake my head and move it to the back of my mind.  I think bribing people to do something that is of debatable value (and I don’t mean of no value, just not wholly positive) is wrong but I’m not the person who is going to fight this. 

I just feel that the people on the inside will not get your POV, they will think you are a crank for bringing it up and they just won’t be able to see your POV as their world view is so different from yours.  The only way that I would intervene to try and stop this is by using the faultline of the companies making these donations.  That is, I would try and lay out to them that by making such donations they are potentially alienating consumers (unless the companies are drug companies, in which case this won’t work), from an anti-vaccination and tactless use of their donations angle.


wrong.just wrong.

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this certainly sounds very bizarre indeed!

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I am baffled as to why anyone would feel the need to offer gifts to ‘persuade’ people to have a flu vaccine?

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