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Ok, so maybe I’m jumping the gun a little, but this is my favourite holday after Yule, and we’re putting our decorations up tomorrow, so anyone else get overly excited over samhain/halloween?  I’m making some little autumn coloured felt lanterns to put on a string off Rythym of the Home from last year, as I’m always upset by the lack of quality decorations for this time of year!  I love all the stuff you get for yule, the felt snowmen, reindeer and santas and woul love to make things like this, but my sewing is lacking to say the least and I wouldn’t know where to start.  plus, I struggle with ideas that doesn’t buy in to the modern horror theme of the holiday. Any ideas anyone? What decorations do you have?  do you make any particular food/drink?  I try and keep seasonal and last year made a gorgeous rabbit casserole with cider and mustard and root veg - yum! Would like to do something abit more meaningful with harry as he’s asking more and more questions about all the Christian stuff he’s learning about at school, so i figure its definitely time to start on ours!

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We’ll be making pumpkin cake (carrot cake recipe but with pumpkin instead of carrot) and warming pumpkin soup, placing a candle in the window to welcome back the ancestors and, of course, trick or treating the neighbours!!  Hannah is also starting to pick up Christianity at school, as well as learning about Diwali and soem other world cultures, but Paganism just isn’t making it to the curriculum yet.  So it’s down to us to make sure she knows what the deal is so she can make an informed decision when she’s old enough. 

I think I might make some spooky bunting if I can find some fabric thats not too expensive.

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ooh I hadn’t though of bunting!  Again, bad with the sewing, but mightjust make it out of the leftover felt I have from those lanterns. Great idea Rainbowmama, thanks!  I’d love to take myboys trick or treating, but they just don’t do it in our village, and it would feel a bit wrong taking them down to the local village where we go to school/playgroup etc.

Mother to Harry (6) and Oliver (4) and Hannah who arrived at 5.57pm on Friday 10th May 2013 - our new blog, Three Little Monkeys

Samhain has to be one of my favourite celebrations, we light a candle to put in the window, carve pumpkins and make lots of spicy pumpkin and root veggie soup. I plan to make decorations every year but run out of time so I’m determined to needle felt pumpkins and bats this year, a bundle of gorgeous orange wool arrived yesterday, some might even make it to my somewhat stalled etsy shop if I get time to make enough.

We went to Chalice Well in Glastonbury a few years ago which was just magical with lots of floating candles on the water, I’ll be thinking of my mum alot too as its the first Samhain since she passed away. X

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I’m not a big fan of decorations everywhere, just cos I’m lazy and I hate taking them all down again… so, this year I’ll be doing a window display of things we make in the run up to Samhain.  As well as copying some photos of my family that have passed and creating little photo frames bunting.  A while back I bought some halloween inspired lantern plastic stuff, you basically cut to size and wrap around a glass jar and pop candles in. 

Sadly, there’s no trick or treaters here; I’ll get something just in case; but I’ve only ever had 1 trick or treater.

On the night, it’s lots of candles, pumpkin carving, a warming supper, bonfire and marshmellows (honestly all my celebrations include fire and marshmellows wink  )
Once Rye is in bed, I think about passed love ones, a ritual which involves casting 3 spells, and then I sit back, drink my cider and let my memories take over.

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inpsired by your post anriel just popped out to get some autumnal felt to make those lanterns, I’ve been trying to get around to them since they first went up on rhythm of the home! its exactly the kind of craft my kids like so we’ll probably do some tonight in front of the fire. Thank you!

tbh I’m feeling kind of relieved that autumn is properly here, after a completely rubbish summer weather wise, at least hopefully we will get a proper autumn! I do like the food this time of year, lots of bread and orange vegetables and woody herbs grin.

I also must make our Michaelmas loaf, we are reallly late with it this year!

We get boxes of raisins/little oaty bites/other healthy snacks for trick or treaters, and Grace made a pumpkin mask with her aunt for when they come to the door, but we don’t go out ourselves as we don’t celebrate it as a festival, and my husband firmly believes it is “glorified begging” :(

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I love Samhain! Len’s best friend always has a lovely party, we go to the Lantern Parade (taking toffee in our pockets!) and have dinner and a fire at home on the day -  this year it will probably be with the Rose Howey crew. My Mum always did chilli on baked potatoes for Halloween, so that is what we have…usually pumpkin in the chilli and pumpkin pie for dessert!

I’m not that in to decorating, but I feel like doing some this year…we always carve a few pumpkins (one per child!) but I quite fancy some Autumnal bunting.

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I love Samhain too ... being NY for pagans for me it is like the rest of the worlds december 31st.

As it is a festival of light I like to combine other cultures in our celebrations too ... I like to make indian diwali sweets and puddings as well as american pumpkin pie and pumpkin loaf.  Last year we printed with apples and orange paint to make pumpkin shapes then I stencilled on eyes and a mouth and we string those about .... they were brilliant.  We also string colourful leaves together to make mobiles and bunting.

This year I planned that we could make diwali style tea light holders ... the little clay dish shaped ones I have seen in books on the festival.

We have a fire and a seasonal feast.  I don’t take the kids trick or treating, I don’t like our neighbourhood .... maybe thats snobby of me but I don’t.  We make cakes to give to those who do knock on our door though.

The fairy lights come out in our house (well ... more fairy lights) and I do a collage of photo’s of our ancestors.  I talk about the ancestors with the kids and I make time to meditate by myself too.  I start burning candles at dinner to chase away the gloom and we decorate them with coloured bee’s wax ... available in all good art shops or on line.

We take a walk in nature during the day normally but this year we are going to a sponsored walk at dusk in the woods ... its raising money for terminally ill children so I thought a good wholesome way to start the new year.  The kids can dress up to blend in with the other sprites about!

Have fun leading up to it ... if I have any more ideas of autumnal samhain crafts I’ll be back to let you know smile  - check out blogs they are a great source of crafty inspiration smile

Much love X

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