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Hiya, looking to get a new woven wrap, and like one that is 50% cotton 50% hemp. What is hemp like in a wrap, will it be stiff?
Would ideally like a soft wrap, but have heard silk isn’t that supportive as a blend.

I’ve got a natty hemp indio and I love it, soft and snuggly but very supportive, great for a toddler.

Mama to 6

Thanks for the reply - I am looking to wrap a toddler too so will probably be making a switch to more back carries and looking for something supportive. Is your wrap all hemp or a hemp cotton blend?
Also does it need any particular care during washing and drying?

Its 40% hemp 60% cotton, machine washable, not ‘officially’ tumbledry-able but I do, it floofs it up and makes it extra soft.

Mama to 6

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