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Has anyone any experiences of a spiritualist church, good or bad?
Have been thinking about going to one local to me, but feeling a little nervous going on my own and not really knowing what to expect, I just feel this inward calling if that makes sense, though what DH will think is anyones guess!!!

My step-mother went with a friend and got a reassuring message from a relative who had passed on, and my brother in law’s mother went regularly after the death of her mother and gained a lot of comfort. If you feel someone has a message for you then why not go. I am sure everyone will be friendly - they will all be seeking too. Xxx

I have to say, I went to one some years ago. My friend and I were curious and she was in to lots of different ways to look for meaning in life at the time.
We both left feeling disappointed as the whole thing came across as a sham.
The messages that cane through were vague to say the least and verging on embarrassing as the woman seemed to be struggling to come up with anything anyone related to. I felt sorry for people there who were after a real connection and I felt like it was a hoax if I’m honest.
This is really negative, I’m sure they are all different so don’t want to totally put you off but thought I should share.
Hope if you do go you have a better experine than us x

Mummy to William, Beltane baby born 1st May 2010. Finding my way as a natural mummy respecting baby and the world we live in.

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My aunt runs a spiritualist church and my mother attends another one regularly near by and I have been bought up going to these churches. Some are good and some are bad but I do think overall the people who run them do really believe in what they are preaching and are basically good people. The problem occurs with the mediums they have attend the church, to be frank some are charletons and some are genuine. The churches tend to have one or two local regular mediums who attend and then they hire other mediums to come from further afield and it can be a bit pot luck as to whether they get a genuine one or not although nationally within the spiritualist movement good mediums do tend to get a good reputation so are hired more to attend.

The churches do tend to be very welcoming, some charge a small entrance fee but this is only to cover cost of the hire of the hall usually as they are usually held in community halls and the like. Sometimes they have raffles etc to raise funds to pay the mediums. As well as the Sunday services they also have special medium evenings and many run development groups if you feel you have a calling or ability to be a medium.

From my own experience you can tell a bad medium because they will say I have a ‘Rose’ here (for example) can anyone take a Rose and then if someone does say they have a Rose in spirit they will make general comments to try and fit it to that person such as she is an old lady etc (which is obviously likely if she is dead).

A good medium on the other hand will come straight to you and say something like.. I have your grandfather here and is name is Bert and he looks lilke… etc etc .. and give you a message and you dont’ really have to say much as it is all very accurate and applicable to you. I do not attend the church that often now but I can say I have had some readings that have been spot on such as telling me what I was doing earlier that day, and giving me very specific information about things my dead relatives got up to / would say etc. For example,  a while ago my front door kept sticking (edited to add my door really did keep sticking on opening) and one medium did say to me that they had someone in spirit telling him that my door was stuck and it was because I needed to get out more! At the time I was going through a very depressive stage and not going out so I felt that the medium was genuine as he didn’t know me from Adam.

If you really want to go then do there is nothing to be frightened off if you don’t like it you don’t have to keep going although it may take a few visits to get used to as it is quite different to going to your regular Christian church. It can be quite emotional though if you get a message so go prepared. xx

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