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Not sure where I found out about this and we are also drawing (get it?!) to the close of it, but there are still lots of art activities over the next week as part of The Big Draw. You can find out what’s on in your area here: . We are going to a shared lunch and community draw today and a mandala event on Tuesday, and that’s all within 10 miles of where we live, so there’s loads of events going on.

ETA: Use the county search - the town and postcode searches don’t seem to pull up the events!

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This is a great idea, we’ve participated in local events over the last few years and they are lots of fun. Have been to some community events already this year and I think I will be squeezing in another in the week with dd when we’re on our way to another event.

Great inspiration for those that love drawing and everyone.

Yes we’re going to one on wednesday. Fun! X

Yes, we’re going to one tomorrow and there’s all sorts going on over the next week, and believe me if we’ve got them here there’ll be near you!

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