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I am really drawn to Buddhism and am in the process of trying to find out more but I am getting so confused! I want to learn more about the different types/paths of Buddhism - there are so many and I don’t know quite where to start. I have a couple of books to read but would welcome recommendations for more (websites too). Is anyone on here a Buddhist? Sorry for the garbled post - I’m tired and my mind keeps going round in circles so I hope I have made some sense!

I only know a little about Tibetan Buddhism. The Dalai Lama is their spiritual and political leader but as you may know he lives in exile due to the Chinese occupation of Tibet (although in their eyes they are not occupiers as they believe Tibet to be part of China historically). The Dalai Lama for them is the reincarnation (in a long line of reincarnations) of an enlightened being or Bodhisattva, in this case he is the reincarnation of Avalokitesvara. Tibetan Buddhists believe that we live in a cycle of suffering as we are reincarnated over and over and only by becoming enlightened achieve release from the suffering to achieve nirvana. The Lama’s while enlightened beings choose to return as humans to help others achieve this through their teachings. They do not believe in a god or gods but believe that everything in the universe is linked hence the idea of karma. The Tibetan religion grew out of the Indian Buddhism as far as I know.

Buddhism: a very short introduction is a good book covering history, ideas etc.

One of my favourite parenting books is Buddhism for Mothers….I found that really helpful and useful in my everyday life

Unschooling Mama to Ava (2) and Ezra (due April), living and parenting as mindfully as possible.

MamaMake, handmade whimsy -

I love,love,love Buddhism for Mothers! I found it a life changing book.
Sterling Silver Charms hand knotted onto hemp or waxed cotton card and set against beautiful keepsake cards with inspiring quotes and words.

Notes on a Waldorf inspired family life:

I really enjoyed Buddhism for Mothers too. 

I visited a local Buddhist temple recently it was a wonderful restful place.  They had a little shop on the site selling books on Buddhism including some for children.  If you have one near you, perhaps you could visit they would be able to recommend a good book to read.

I’m a practising Buddhist Sal, I can recommend a couple of books that lay it out really easily. One is by Pat Allwright and it’s called “Basics of Buddhism” and it’s very self explanatory. Another is by a chap called Eddy Canfor-Dumas and it’s semi-fictional but gets the principles across in a really practical way - it’s called “The Buddha, Geoff and me.” I can’t recomend it highly enough if I’m honest, I was so engaged in it I got through it in two days!

Always happy to have a chat about things in a real-life and practical way if you fancy it sweetie, hope you and yours are all doing well down in the wilds, lots of love n hugs xxx

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They love you, relax into that

I loved buddhism for mothers thought it isn’t so much a book about the different paths but extremely helpful for letting mindfulness into the busy life of a mother.

I go to our local buddhist centre which is part of the triratna (sp?) buddhist order ... a western world branch of buddhism.  Currently reading this and loving it

Much love x

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