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As the title suggests, what are your favourite kids Christmas films? Looking for recommendations. Ru is 3 1/2 years old. We’ve got The Grinch and The Snowman so far. We need another two, as we’re going to watch one film a week in December.

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I really love Elf with Will Ferrell, I’ve watched every Christmas for about the last 6 years ha! It signifies the start of Christmas for me lol!!! . It’s not animated though, would that affect his attention on it?x I know mine prefer cartoons x

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Ha ha! I just suggested Elf! He loves non-animated films just as much as animated!

Blue-haired crunchy Mama to Ru (5 yrs), Pixie Willow (3 years) and Baby Gaia (7 months).

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Oh good x I LOVE IT! It’s my favourite Christmas film with my next most watched Xmas film being Love Actually, but I’m pretty certain he won’t like that one lol!!!xxx

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Mommy to Jacob (13.03.04), Joe-Joe (17.01.10) Noah (02.03.11) and Thomas (19.05.13)

Taking baby steps towards a more sustainable, conscientious lifestyle.

most definately the fave here is the polar express…we have been counting down since about august (ahem!), the most gorgeous film, love it love it! x

Polar express here too.  We have the grinch but while rye loves Dr Seuss he wasn’t fussed, but maybe now he’s older.  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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hmm polar express isnt very gentle..its quite dark..but it depends on how sesitive your kids are..we war=tched a clipof polar express the other day and DD (6 1/2) begged me to turn it off..
the madagascar and shrek xmas specials are quite nice, funn y too but not v long…
raymond briggs ‘father christmas’ is good..

mummyk x

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we have ‘father christmas’ and there are far too many ‘blooming’s in it. he may as well say bloody for my mind! Ha!

dd2 who is 3 1/2 loved polar express in september smile we also have the snowman of course. I am trying to get hold of ‘nativity’ as apparently that is good - ‘nativity2’ is out this week in cinema.

what about ‘miracle on 34th street’ - i have not seen that for years but it sounds ok. prob a bit like polar express in content and style.

lucky Mum to two daughters aged 6 and 3.

Would agree that there are darkr bits in polar express- although think it is lovely for the slightly older child.

Also agree with the Bloomings in Father Christmas

I bought the tale of Jack Frost (BBC-Hugh Laurie) which is gentle and lovely-if you don’t mind magical themes

Also have the BBC narnias(from the 80/90s) -fab classic Christmas and far softer than the modern films-also the Box of Delights-but that is for older

Home alone- whilst naughty-is good for a giggle…..

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Can you get the Charlie Brown series?  I don’t know if they’re your taste, but for me, they signify every holiday (since there’s a Charlie Brown special for all of them)!!

Some other childhood faves of mine are the original Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer with Burl Ives (from the 60’s) and Frosty the snowman.  These two we found through LoveFilm so I could share wonderful memories with my son.

I also love “Miracle on 34th street” with Maureen O’Hara (from the 40’s I think), and for bigger kids “It’s a wonderful life” is another.

For some reason, “the Sound of Music” is also a Christmas time show in the US, but I’ve never really understood why.

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The Snowman!! It’s not Xmas without the Snowman! Loved the Snowman as a kid… that as Disney’s Robin Hood were the only 2 films I watched all the time :D

The Bear is another Raymond Briggs one that is very gentle and quite lovely in the same vein as The Snowman.

I’ve had The Last Polar Bears in my Amazon basket since last December. I haven’t seen it but it was recommended somewhere and sounds interesting.

We love The Snowman and Father Christmas.  Wealso have the Box of Delights and the Narnias from the 80s.  We’ve just bought Arthur Christmas which we went to see at the cinema last year and the children loved it.  Our children probably love Home Alone the best and love daft comedies like Deck the Halls, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Uncle Buck.  Sky TV have got a Christmas channel on at the moment and channel 4 and channel 5 have started putting on Christmas films on Sunday afternoons, Fred Claus was on the other day.

Father Christma and the Snowman are loved here
Santa Claus the Movie was always my favourite
Home Alone 1 and 2
Never had the Grinch as a kid, but may try it for our christms eve movie this year
I find polar express quite boring, but harry loves it
Muppet Christmas Carol (ghost of future may be a bit scary,but my two love that film!) was always a major favourite of mine

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Great! Since Christmas is around the corner I am glad, I came across this post. I planned on showing all the Christmas movies and shows to my kids. Luckily, I found a Christmas related episode from one of the shows by Andy Yeatman as well and it is going to be a fun weekend now.

The new Grinch movie looks fun smile

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