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Morning ladies x

Yesterday my eldest son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome… And that was it?!? Where do I go from here?!? I’ve always kinda known it, it’s just that now it’s been confirmed… I’m not any closer to a solution as to how to deal with it then I was at the start of the process… Any pointers? How do I learn how to communicate effectively with him and help him understand the world around him?!?


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Mommy to Jacob (13.03.04), Joe-Joe (17.01.10) Noah (02.03.11) and Thomas (19.05.13)

Taking baby steps towards a more sustainable, conscientious lifestyle.

hugs to you.  DD number three was diagnosed at the age of eight.  We were eventually offered speech and language therapy for practising the art of turn taking in conversations, when school became intolerable she was eventually statemented and given one to one support to get through the day and ultimately finished her high school years in a small tutor group setting.  She’s now 23 and is a confident, caring and very competent young woman.

My head was reeling when she was first diagnosed.  I found the national autistic soc really helpful and read the book, “Freeks, Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome” written by Luke Jackson who himself has AS.  You might be lucky to have a parent and young persons group in your area.  When S was diag there weren’t any local to us but they’re much more prevalent these days and offer a structured meeting place for the kids to socialise in a “safe and understanding” setting.

The autistic soc also produce some really good booklets that you can share with family and friends on how folks with AS see the world so that they understand when he withdraws from social situations due to noise and overstimulation, instead of them thinking he’s being plain rude!  If he were diag from a clinical pyschologist then they too should still be offering support and might know of what is available locally.

It will take time to process thte info and get support but essentially your son is the same as he’s always been and so just love him as you’ve always done and things will work out really they will.

hope I’ve been some help.

San xx

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Sending a hug - i have no experience, but just to say that WW’s daughter came to stay with us for a holiday earlier this year, and I had no idea until I read this post that she had asperger’s!! She was a pleasure to have around. xxx

Start with the NAS (National Autistic Society) They produce some lovely magazine’s with great information, links and book idea’s. You may also find you have a branch nearby where you can meet other parents and children. Where abouts in the country are you? Facilities vary, nearby we have a centre which runs regular coffee mornings, and information sessions, and courses for parents and carers.

Start with one thing, what would be the one thing that you’d really like to work on and help with? Tackle that, and if you want to share I’m happy to point you in the direction of information I’ve come across.

Consider 5 years time, which is going to be the biggest problem then, that might not be an issue now? Planning ahead is important to work on skills for life.

Is he in school, if so do they know, and are they going to make provision to support him, and help him to develop the skills that he needs?

I’m here with an ear if you want someone to listen. As you may have guessed I have an 8 year old with ASD.


Thank you ladies for getting back to me x I’m in Birmingham, would seem my nearest NAS group is MILES away!!! As if a massive city like Birmingham doesn’t have that resource!! Becky, thank you for your offer, I will definitely PM you over the next few weeks x

Thanks again xxx

Open All The Boxes

Mommy to Jacob (13.03.04), Joe-Joe (17.01.10) Noah (02.03.11) and Thomas (19.05.13)

Taking baby steps towards a more sustainable, conscientious lifestyle.

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