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Any other Pantheists about?

I’m not one for worshipping deities or celebrating sabbats etc. I understand why people do and it’s their choice, but I’ve been struggling to find Pagan things that don’t mention either of them. Then I discovered the term Pantheist which fits me quite snugly smile

Elaborate? I’m interested.


Never heard of this before but after a 30 second look it sounds like it’s pretty much where I am right now!

We only celebrate Sabbats with suitably themed kiddie crafty activities and a special meal together. We’re not big on deities or rituals either.

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fascinating! I believe in angels, fairies and a ‘God’ (which to me is more of a mother nature) but I’m resonating strongly with some of the things on this website. Thanks for enlightening me!

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You will struggle, most pagans believe in deities, be that real or as archetypes. 
I remember discussing with another pagan what paganism means today, abd she and her friends were insistent that to be pagan you believe in the deities.

I disagree, and there are pantheistic pagans but not a great deal is written.  I would look at humanism too.

My take on paganism is someone with a reverence for nature and believes them self to be pagan.  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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I’ve looked at Humanism too because they’re the peeps that do the naming ceremonies etc which I plan on having.

I originally looked into Wicca and Paganism but they are all very much about honouring one God/Goddess or another, and although I understand and respect the origins of the Sabbats, I don’t especially ‘celebrate’ them.

Then I stumbled across the term Pantheist and that made a lot more sense. To me, the universe is sacred, it’s amazing, awe inspiring, it makes me feel part of something big and yet feel so very small at the same time. I’m also a scientist in mind so I find that it doesn’t clash with my beliefs of how everything was created because it’s how the universe actually is. We all came from the universe and we’ll all go back to it in the end. I find it comforting that I’ll never really be “gone” and neither is anyone else.

The wheel of the year is a Wiccan construct; most pagans have adopted it in some form cos well its a nice idea, and who doesn’t like a good feast grin

I tend to follow the wheel but not in terms of deities.  I personally find the Wiccan concept of the goddess and her consort a bit, well beige.
Dieties do have power, be it because they are real or because of the belief in them; but they aren’t crucial.
But yeah, you will find it very difficult to find stuff in “mainstream” paganism.  Google Panthistic pagans, there is quite a large group, forums etc.

I’m not one myself, mind I think in a similar vein regarding death, that we become a part of the cosmos again; I believe the soul is the energy inside us, I do think that energy can be reborn but I don’t see it as reincarnation, rather some of the energy that makes me be alive today, may one day become a part of a new life, and that life may not necessarily be human.  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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Have you read Moder Paganby Brian Day?It covers all kind without mentioning deities much, or at all I think, but its ben a while since i read it.

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I did the test on the site and came out as agnostic / dualist pantheist. Interesting. I do revere nature but sit on the fence when it comes to the existence of God or gods so pretty accurate analysis of me I think.

I really like the idea of pantheism too.  I would mostly describe myself as atheist but incorporating time for mindfulness into my daily life and marking the natural cycles and milestones of the year and life in general with some form of ritual feels very important to me and pantheism seems to accommodate both those thing together well.

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