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Some advice please? My baby was only 6lb 4oz at birth and now at 12 weeks has doubled his birth weight and then some- he’s almost 15lbs. I know that’s no especially loads but consdiering he was small, its pretty good going! I have a close ring sling that I use but he’s starting to feel too heavy for it- I know its up to heavier than that technically, but it doesn’t feel very comfy right now. The straps dig in and he feels really awkward in it. I suffer hugely with back issues and carrying him is beginning to really hurt. Is there a bettter carrier style now that he’s bigger? I’m considering an ergo for when he’s much bigger and can be worn on my back. Any advice welcomed. Thanks.

ETA: he’s very long as well as chubby if that makes any difference!

hi Gem, I actually found my daughter outgrew the close baby carrier quite fast too, think she was around 11 weeks? I actually am not sure that the issue was even weight with her, it was more that she was moving around more. The fabric of the close carrier is too stretchy to work long term, I found.

I can’t really remember what I moved her to, but I’m thinking it was probably an ergo or beco, and I seem to remember tucking her feet in somehow!

eta dp thinks it was a forward carry in an ergo and that we did something to make it a bit smaller like folded it down or something. Neither of us can remember what though!

Anything that goes over two shoulders will be more comfy for you - a woven wrap, mei-tei or a soft structured carrier like the ergo would all be great.

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My boy grew really quickly too - my girls weighed the same at 18 months as he weighed at 4 months!! The ergo is great but doesn’t suit all babies - my dd2 is fairly useless in it as she likes to lean back and it doesn’t have a long body. The manduca is much better in that regard and I’ve heard fabulous things about it. I’ve never tried it myself but the lady who took over running the sling library from me, who is a total sling expert, swears by it for anyone who doesn’t like wrapping and wants an SSC. Woven wraps are brilliant for distributing the weight but are more fiddly when you’re in a rush.

I was going to reply to your other post but will say it here instead - please be very careful buying an ergo or anything similar on ebay. There are thousands of fakes out there and they have huge risk issues with not being stitched properly and the dye coming off when babies suck the straps. Can I recommend a facebook page for advice? If you go to the Exeter Sling Library page, I’m not sure if you have to join the group or not but one of us can add you in a moment if so, under the ‘files’ section there are some really great documents about spotting real ergos rather than fakes, back carrying, the best carriers etc. Plus loads of discussion and advice from some real experts smile

Claire xx

Thanks fr that claire! Do you know where I can buy them soundly in the uk? Their website is american x

Got to run as we’re going to a wedding in half and hour and I’m still in my pjs…oops! But I’ve just copied below the list of recommended retailers from the page I recommended - the lady who wrote this list is the most expert sling-wearer I know! Anywhere that she recommends is a good one smile It has retailers for all sorts of carriers but looks like there are lots for SSCs.

hth xx - they’ve got (June 2012) some lovely bargains on there just now! - A variety of woven wraps, stretchy wraps (including Mobys etc.), Manduca carriers, Boba carriers etc. - A variety of woven wraps, stretchy wraps, (Soft Structured Carriers) SSCs, - Netherlands based stockist - very reliable and fast supplier (sometimes works out cheaper in Euros for new wraps/carriers, too. Depending)  _ custom mei tai maker/ mei tai wrap conversions from a lovely , helpful lady too.  Again, fabulous woman who has been making mei tais even when she was heavily pregnant/just had newborn twins etc. On top of other kidlets. Just saying something a bit different to the “makes lovely mei tais” smile  Mei Tai carriers. Lovely lady, too. - Discount available for Exeter Sling Library members (of this group) - Please Message me if you are interested. - Chloe Mathers (also a member of this group) Sells Kozy Karriers (MTs) and ring slings. - Emma Primrose. Very active member on the FSOT board here on Facebook and always lovely and helpful. Liz Curley’s review is that her service and communications were excellent and I hear this quite a lot! ( they make the most beautiful woven wraps in amazing weaves. Highly love their things! As well as ring slings)
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